CAYIN|Contactless Interactive Digital Signage Solutions

 Publish Date :2021/02/03
# COVID-19

# Contactless Applications

CAYIN digital signage player software embeds the QR code generator, providing a one-stop solution for businesses to easily create QR-code-enabled content on a digital sign to set up the touch-free interactive digital signage.

Businesses can create multiple types of QR codes containing information of URL, virtual business card, text messages, email content, and Wi-Fi network details, widening the applications of touchless interactive solutions. Moreover, CAYIN’s software also enables two-way contactless interactivity by turning smartphones into a remote controller through QR codes. By scanning the QR codes, the information and control experience will be instantly transferred to customer’s mobile phones, avoiding physical touch to eliminate the risk of coronavirus infection and spreading. Furthermore, CAYIN SMP players also can integrate with facial recognition software to deliver personalized content, driving customer engagement in a more effective and safer way.

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  • Company Name : CAYIN Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Product Category : Smart Retail & Business Solutions