Chiun Mai Communication│ Fusion Air Solution

 Publish Date :2021/06/17


FusionAir monitor indoor air quality and eliminate indoor pollutants such as odors, viruses, bacteria, molds, volatile organic compounds, and tobacco smells 24/7. FusionAir consists of wirelessly-connected sensors, purifiers, and a cloud management system. It can continuously measure multiple air pollutants including PM2.5, CO2, H2S, NH3, O3, TVOC, HCHO and transmit the data to a user-friendly AI cloud management system, which automatically adjusts the level of purifying power. The indoor purifier, adopting Photocatalytic technology, which is a type of Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), actively emit safe ions and oxidants to oxidize bacteria, molds, viruses, and odors both in the air and on the surface of objects all the time. The system can effectively inactivate bacteria and viruses to lower the risk of infection, making real-time air quality monitoring and sanitization easier and energy-efficient.

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 Company : Chiun Mai Communication systems, Inc.