Goldsun Building Materials Co., Ltd. and Canada’s CarbonCure Technologies Inc. announce Taiwan's first carbon mineralization tech

 Publish Date :2021/10/21

The use of carbon dioxide in concrete production to effectively achieve high-efficiency climate goals of carbon emissions reduction is leading the innovation movement in global environmental protection. Goldsun Building Materials Co., Ltd., a leader in both the concrete market and technology in East Asia, announces its usage agreement with CarbonCure Technologies Inc., a Canadian company that develops carbon dioxide removal solutions for the concrete industry. Goldsun will incorporate CarbonCure's breakthrough technology into its ready-mix concrete products in Taiwan.

CarbonCure’s technology injects captured carbon dioxide (CO2) into concrete as it is mixed, where the CO2 immediately chemically converts into a nano-mineral and permanently embeds in the concrete. The compressive strength from this carbon mineralisation allows concrete producers to safely reduce carbon-intensive cement materials in their mixes and increase their manufacturing efficiency, further reducing concrete's carbon footprint. It is expected that the usage agreement with CarbonCure will help Goldsun reduce as much as 17kg of carbon emissions in each cubic meter of concrete produced.

(Goldsun announces its purchase agreement with CarbonCure Technologies Inc., a Canadian company that develops carbon dioxide removal solutions for the concrete industry. Source from CarbonCure.)

Goldsun Building Materials stated that it will immediately begin its strategic collaboration with CarbonCure, an innovative leader in this field. The technology will be implemented in Goldsun's Xizhi and Tainan plants in the early phase, and then get adopted in 21 of Goldsun's concrete plants in Taiwan within two years. It is expected that the groundbreaking carbon dioxide removal technology will help Goldsun achieve a considerable amount of carbon dioxide savings every year. The Company will be able to contribute to a greener Earth, by building structures made with a sustainable concrete product that provides the same strength and durability as traditional concrete with a lower carbon footprint.

Through this agreement, Goldsun Building Materials supports CarbonCure’s expansion into the East Asia market with an important collaborating partner that has achieved many innovations during its 67 years in business. The green concrete developed by Goldsun helped it become the first company in Taiwan to be accredited by the Ministry of the Interior, and its nine main types of high-end permeable concrete products have been used in permeable concrete sidewalks constructed for the concept of a sponge city. The Goldsun Peace-of-Mind Building Materials Traceability certification program has been welcomed by the entire construction industry. There are nearly 2,000 projects using Goldsun's products, meaning that about 1 in 5 projects is adopting Goldsun's Peace-of-Mind Building Materials Traceability program, helping Taiwan move another step closer to realizing the vision of structural safety in buildings.

The usage agreement between Goldsun Building Materials Co., Ltd. and CarbonCure will provide synergy, and the green concrete technology advocated by both parties will feature CarbonCure's innovation to resolve the issue of a growing global carbon footprint. While reducing the overall carbon footprint, the innovative concrete technology offers several benefits. It brings sustainable market opportunities to concrete producers and the construction industry, and project developers will also be rewarded for constructing greener buildings.