Product Introduction - Artilect Smart Motion/Light Sensor

 Publish Date :2023/04/13

Artilect Green has been working in the field of home and commercial lighting for many years with software & hardware development & integration capabilities. Artilect focuses on the development of lighting control, sensors, energy saving, and intelligent interactive systems.

The Artilect Smart Motion/Light Sensor features a PIR & Light Sensor and supports Smart Link Engine Application Controller. It is compatible with the DALI-2/IEC 62386 101, 103, 303, 304 interfaces and is globally safety compliant, making it compatible for home and office uses. The Smart Motion/ Light Sensor has a wide operating temperature range of between -20 to 45°C.

The Smart Motion/Light Sensor utilizes a PIR motion sensor with 8m diameter at 2.5m height and 1 – 65500 lux light sensor with adjustable sensitivity. The Smart Motion/Light Sensor operates in temperatures ranging from -20 to 45°C with operating humidity range between 20 to 95%.

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Visit the Smart Motion/Light Sensor full product introduction page here.