Product Introduction - EmCom RC153

 Publish Date :2023/04/13

EmCom Technology provides not only OEM production service, but also extensively ODM engineering service for global customers. EmCom offers the most updated technology product development services and consists of 2 main departments: sensor automation and network connectivity with products ranging from PIR presence detector, twilight switch, dual-tech (PIR+HF/ PIR+Acoustic) detector, Cat.5e, Cat.6, and more.

EmCom RC153 indoor ceiling mount presence detector offers energy saving and enables smart automatic lighting/ HVAC control for home and office use. It is available for multiple installation formats, including surface mounting, false ceiling flush mounting, and flush mounting with European junction box. The RC153 is rated IP20 with EU standard junction box or spring clip box and rated IP40 with surface mount box.

The RC153 can detect at 360° with a 24m diameter range at 2.5m height and 20°C temperature. It offers a wide operating temperature range of -20 to 45°C and can operate in various modes and functions including: auto, short pulse, test, teach-in, push-button, and presence.

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