Product Introduction - ICP DAS DL-101S-E-W

 Publish Date :2023/04/13

ICP DAS strives for advanced remote I/O controllers, distributed I/O modules, and I/O data acquisition boards. ICP DAS offers an efficient and comprehensive automation solution for the application of industrial control, real-time data, warning system of earthquakes and hydrology, power-monitoring, and video game consoles.

ICP DAS DL-101S-E-W is an IP66 rated remote temperature/ humidity/ dew point data logger with safety alarm. The DL-101S-E-W is able to store up to 600,000 records with date and time stamps. The DL-100S-E/DL-101S-E Data Logger supports popular industrial protocols such as Modbus TCP, as well as the emerging machine-to-machine (M2M)/IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity protocol – MQTT.

The DL-101S-E-W can measure temperatures between -20 to +60°C and relative humidity between 0 to 100%. The LCD on the sensor can show the measured temperature, relative humidity, as well as measurement date and time. DL-100S-E/DL-101S-E Data Logger can be connected using a range of communication interfaces including Ethernet and PoE for easy integration into existing HMI or SCADA systems.

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