Product Introduction - LYNwave ALX22P-011AA0-00

 Publish Date :2023/04/13

LYNwave is a leading provider of ODM/JDM/OEM antenna related solutions with 50+ patents and a strong R&D design team. LYNwave has established a strong R&D design team with over 50 antenna related patents and uses simulation technologies to design customized antenna, thermal, mechanical, and outdoor enclosure solutions, optimized for different applications and markets.

LYNwave ALX22P-011AA0-00 is an LTE indoor embedded omni-directional antenna. The ALX22P-011AA0-00 offers high efficiency and quick integration with MHF compatible connector mounting. The ALX22P-011AA0-00 is available in customized cable lengths and connectors and features a compact size of 97.1 x 15 x 0.8 mm. It can be used to lower cost for LTE/ cellular applications such as automotive, smart meter, medical and smart city applications.

With a high frequency range from 698 to 2690MHz, the ALX22P-011AA0-00 delivers powerful worldwide LTE and features a compact, easy-to-install design. It can manage fast-moving mobiles and supports multi-cast and broadcast streams for mobile, fixed, and portable broadband access applications.

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