Product Introduction - SparkLAN WL71515_A

 Publish Date :2023/04/13

SparkLAN Communications is one of the worldwide leading wireless networking solution providers with products including wireless embedded modules and wireless networking devices. SparkLAN offers a comprehensive line of solutions for M2M connectivity in the highest growing broadband communication application.

The SparkLAN WL71515_A is an Integrated Ceramic Chip Antenna that combines the features and functions needed for high quality wireless audio equipment into a single SoC. It can be applied to IoT and follows the standards and qualifications from industrial alliances including Bluetooth 5.2, Basic data rate (BR), Enhanced data rate (EDR), LE, indoor positioning and BLE Mesh standards.

The WL71515_A includes multi-stage power management design that allows for ultra-low power operation and making it the ideal candidate for wearable and power-constraint applications. The WL71515_A is compliant with ROHS and Reach environmental standards and is suitable for wearable devices, AR glasses, smart watches, smart trackers, audio Solutions, wireless headsets, and more.

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