Product Introduction - Colinse KRATOS Pro

 Publish Date :2023/04/20

Colinse is the unrivalled choice for discerning consumers in need of exceptional sensory entertainment systems and wireless audio transmission systems. As an entertainment equipment company, Colinse is the first and final stop for anyone in the market for reliable, premium quality equipment that's a breeze to use.

Colinse KRATOS Pro 4D Throne Gaming Chair instantly converts sound effects in the audio sources into vibration waves through the chair’s tactile transducer system. With patented innovative technologies, KRATOS wirelessly connects any game or movie on TV, PC, game console, or mobile phone and immerses the users’ senses into a new realm of exhilarating 4D tactile entertainment.

Pre-embedded on the KRATOS Pro 4D, the 4DS101 Physical Dimension Tactile System is specially designed for movable chairs and sofas; powered by a unique 8-cell rechargeable lithium battery drives high-performance 200W dual transducers. Users can adjust levels and monitor battery status through a convenient, professionally designed control panel.

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