Product Introduction - Varmilo 108Aurora Mechanical Keyboard

 Publish Date :2023/04/20

Varmilo is a keyboard manufacturer that offers keyboard enthusiasts the ultimate experience through unique artistic design, superior performance, and personal customization. With products ranging from 20%, 65%, 80%, 100%, to 110% keyboards, Varmilo also provides customization services for interested users.

Varmilo 108Aurora Mechanical Keyboard is designed to present the famous aurora borealis while adopting the unique minimalist style of Nordic designs. The V-silk PBT keycaps are oil resistant and is able to stay dry while offering a silky feel.

With various switch options for different actuation forces, types, and features; the 108Aurora Mechanical Keyboard offers a comfortable typing for various users and purposes. The 108Aurora Mechanical Keyboard is available in 2 formats: wired or dual mode for different settings. With five-sides dye-sub printing, the keycaps offer great clarity.

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