Product Introduction - Clientron Smart eCockpit of Electric Bus

 Publish Date :2023/05/10

Clientron offers high quality and technology leading solutions, including POS, Kiosk, Thin Client and Automotive Electronics. With more than 35 years experiences in design, manufacturing, and after-sales-service; Clientron is dedicated in providing highly integrated embedded solution to their global clients.

Clientron Smart eCockpit of Electric Bus shows vehicle information including electronic, battery, motor, and electric control systems into the Smart Meter Cluster System. It integrates many systems including ADAS, powertrain, camera, body sensors, etc., and upload the driving data to the cloud server for analysis to enhance driving safety.

The Smart Control System in the driving cockpit is also equipped with the Body Control Module to digitize most of the analog signals and control the power of all the electronic components in the vehicle. An exclusive modular design allows users to customize the Smart Control System functions and features to fit different vehicle kits.

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