Product Introduction - Inventec VRSTATE

 Publish Date :2023/05/10

Inventec manufactures computers, telephones, notebooks, and servers and has developed a strong foundation for global success. Following the global trends, Inventec has become even more active in industries such as cloud computing, wireless communication, intelligent devices and IoT.

The Inventec VRSTATE metaverse platform is designed on the foundation of the “Virtual Physical Realm” (VPR) project. VRSTATE integrates digital economy spaces, digital content creation, AI model training, and digital security governance, among other innovative applications.

During COMPUTEX 2023, Inventec will preview the VRSTATE Expo, VRSTATE Hall, VRSTATE Innovation, and other original metaverse applications; including launching the Incubation Metaverse, Education Metaverse, Arts & Culture Metaverse, Industrial Metaverse, Entertainment Metaverse, and much more. Inventec will also exhibit the latest safety, connectivity, and computing products from Inventec Automotive Electronics including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Central Gateway, and e-Cockpit system.

Visit the Inventec CYBERWORLD Exhibitor page here.