Product Introduction - Retronix CMS Solution

 Publish Date :2023/05/10

Retronix is Powerchip group solution company, integrating in-vehicle electronics, infotainment and CMS system. Retronix is committed to creating a personalized smart cockpit, to make the vehicle cockpit become another living place for the users.

Retronix CMS Solution is a powerful and advanced solution that enables advanced image recognition and high-resolution video output. It is perfect for use in advanced ADAS and autonomous driving systems. The CMS Solution offers multiple interfaces, advanced safety and security features for a comprehensive automotive solution.

The CMS Solution adopts “R-Car V3H2” high-performance automotive SoC with low-power implementation of deep learning technology that can fuse various sensors including car cameras, radar, and LiDAR to perform high-speed image recognition and processing of surrounding objects. It utilizes a multi-threaded computer vision engine using computer vision algorithms, image signal processing for enhancing image quality, and additional hardware accelerators for critical algorithms such as dense optical flow, stereo disparity, and object classification.

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