Product Introduction - C&T Solution ECO1000

 Publish Date :2023/07/26

C&T Solution is a global solutions provider specializing in industrial computer and embedded fields C&T is committed to developing and manufacturing industrial PC, display systems, and industrial boards; striving to achieve the highest standards in innovation and technology.

The C&T Solution ECO-1000 Series is a self-sustaining, industrial supercapacitors UPS that provides power backup solution for edge computers and other IIoT devices. The ECO-1000 Series are intelligent ruggedized supercapacitors that is programmable to match a specific power backup requirement based on the application’s specification.

The ECO-1000 series are available in capacities ranging from 8x to 16x 370 Farads Supercapacitor with maximum outputs ranging from 100W to 200W. With focus on industrial applications, the ECO-1000 series can operate in temperatures ranging from -25 to 65°C. The universal standalone power backup module compatible with all box-PCs & Panel PC.

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