Product Introduction - Lightspeed LTE-572A

 Publish Date :2023/08/02

LIGHTSPEED is specialized in communication for over 28 years with experience in Modem, Router, and gateway design. Their product lines include 5G/4G/3G routers, gateway, LAN, 4G/3G IP CAM, modem, 4G miniPCIe card, WIFI 802.11n/g/b/ac/ax miniPCIe with USB interface, outdoor 4G +wifi router, tracker, 4G security guard/ police video surveillance recorder and server, as well as cloud services.

LIGHTSPEED LTE-572A is a versatile and easy-to-use 802.11ah wireless router that is powered by the NRC7292 with ADIO capability. It provides greater range (1km+) and higher bandwidth (up to 4Mbps) over other Sub 1GHz protocols including Sigfox or LoRa.

The LTE-572A can function in both Access point and station mode with OPEN, WPA2-PSK(AES), WPA3-OWE, WPA3-SAE securities in 902.0 – 928.0 MHz Frequency. It is equipped with Yocto Linux Router embedded system and is compatible with various protocols TCP, FTP, PPTP, HTTP, HTTPS, TFTP, DHCP, NAT, IPSec Pass through, ICMP, IGMP, RIPv2, RIP, OSPF, SNMP, RMON, QoS; with option for VPN client or gateway, IPSec client, or 4G mobile connection.

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