Product Introduction - Fusion Fall Detection System

 Publish Date :2023/08/09

Fusion is the innovative AIoT brand of Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.; a member of the Foxconn Technology Group. Offering AIoT platform and solutions in many areas such as indoor positioning, mmWave radar fall detection, indoor air quality monitoring and purifying solutions, and more; Fusion unites people-oriented technological innovation and the intelligent integration of software and hardware to bring together the infinite imagination and infinite applications of human beings for intelligent life.

Fusion Fall Detection System detects the distance, speed, and angle of objects through mmWave radar electromagnetic wave reflection signals for people’s stance identification. The thin, clean and lens less appearance combined with night light function is designed to put no pressure on the elderly and reduce the risk of falling in the dark.

The Fall Detection System will alert caregivers about the status of the patients and send emergency alerts through mobile phones and desktops. The system provides 24-hour security protection, early detection, and rapid rescue in any location it is installed. Utilizing no cameras, users can maintain their privacies at all times.

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