Product Introduction - IC Nexus M800

 Publish Date :2023/08/23

Established in 2000, IC Nexus started as an ASIC design services company, providing ASIC design and silicon fabrication services to global customers. In 2011, IC Nexus expanded its business and started providing ARM-based embedded computers and modules in addition to its semiconductor businesses.

The IC Nexus M800 is an MXM 314-pin form factor computer module based on RK3588 (Quad ARM Cortex-A76) CPU to offer laptop-class performance with smartphone efficiency. It is a flexible, high performance and low-cost computer platform designed for general embedded applications such as in-vehicle computer, KIOSK, digital signage, industrial computer, or HMI.

The M800 is compatible with 3 Android, Debian, and Yocto operating systems. It supports 4GB or optional 8GB/ 16GB LPDDR4x memory and 32GB or larger eMMC Storage. The M800 can be powered by 12 – 24V DC input and is compatible with the IC Nexus M810 base board.

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