Product Introduction - AIC HA401-TU

 Publish Date :2023/08/30

AIC is a leading provider of both OEM/ODM and COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) and server and storage solutions. With expert in-house design, manufacturing and validation capabilities, AIC's products are highly flexible and configurable to any form factor, standard or custom.

AIC HA401-TU is a 4U 24x SAS 12Gbs bay system that provides high availability in an active-active configuration and supports 24 hot swap 3.5” SAS drive bays. The HA401-TU eliminates SPOFs (single point of failures) and is optimized for mission-critical, enterprise-level storage applications.

The HA401-TU comes with two AIC Server Boards (one board per node), each supporting dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable family (ICE LAKE) processors. Both nodes process I/Os and provide simultaneous and balanced access to the logical devices, which increases overall cluster performance significantly. When failover occurs, the secondary node automatically takes over the devices, client connections, and all processes/services of the system.

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