Product Introduction - Uniclass AP-934P

 Publish Date :2023/10/25

Uniclass Technology has built a long-term reputation on the cabling market as a company specialized in providing up-to-date network cabling solutions with excellent quality and competitive price. Driven by a commitment to a total KVM Switch solution for all range of customers, the Uniclass product lines have grown into a rich array of cost-effective computer/server management solutions.

The Uniclass AP-934P 4-port Dual-display DP 1.2 Seamless KVM Switch with Audio, USB 3.2 Gen1 Hub and RS-232 Port. It is designed specifically for sharing 2 DP monitors with 4 multimedia computers having dual-display DP outputs. The AP-934P supports full-function KVM Control with RS-232 commands and comprehensive driver for all types of USB keyboards and mice.

With AP-934P, users can fully access 4 multimedia computers using only one keyboard, one mouse and two DP monitors. This dual-display DP Seamless KVM Switch supports 3840x2160@60Hz resolution which maximizes user convenience in adapting any display requirements.

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