【Industry Trends Forum】Compound Semiconductors for the Future of Intelligent Drive

 Publish Date :2023/10/27
COMPUTEX TAIPEI will return from June 4 to 7, 2024 with the new addition of the Smart Mobility Area. To promote this update, the COMPUTEX Team organized the Auto IC, Driving the Future forum during SEMICON Taiwan on September 7, 2023.

One of the speakers in the forum is Dr. Chuck Huang, Associate Vice President of Win Semiconductor. Win Semiconductor has become the first pure-play 6-inch GaAs foundry in the world. WIN provides dedicated foundry services to design houses and integrated device manufacturers.

In the forum, Dr. Huang said that compound semiconductors have certain advantages over conventional silicon semiconductors. Compound semiconductors are mainly used for wireless communications and optical applications which are the basis for key technologies in EV and autonomous vehicles.

Compound semiconductors are approximately 6x faster than silicon semiconductors which will enable new applications to improve passengers & drivers’ safety. Components such as LiDAR will rely on compound semiconductors not only for their high speed, but also for their low latency.

For autonomous vehicles, compound semiconductors will be necessary not only for the components, but also for the wireless connections which will need to rely on 5G due to its high speed and low latency. 5G connection is needed to enable vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connections which are the key to make sure the autonomous vehicle can function as intended.

COMPUTEX will return from June 4 to 7 2024 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (TaiNEX) Halls 1 and 2. Join us onsite and find the latest ICT products in Asia’s leading B2B ICT Trade Show!

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