【Industry Trends Forum】Introduction of Elan’s Smart Cockpit & ADAS Solutions

 Publish Date :2023/11/10

COMPUTEX TAIPEI will return from June 4 to 7, 2024 with the new addition of the Smart Mobility Area. To promote this update, the COMPUTEX Team organized the Auto IC, Driving the Future forum during SEMICON Taiwan on September 7, 2023.

One of the speakers joining the forum is Mr. Joe Tsung-Ying Yeh, Executive Assistant of Elan Microelectronics. Elan Microelectronics is a world leader in human-machine interfaces, notably in Touchscreen Controller with Pen Supports, Touchpad Module, Pointing Stick and Biometrics.

In his speech, Mr. Yeh stated that smart cockpits and ADAS systems will rely on AI image recognition with 7 key technologies including high-quality image, edge AI algorithm, application datasets, specialized & domain knowledge, AI development system, drive-by-wire technology, and practical road experience.

AI models need proper training in terms of quantity, quality, and variety as lack of training will increase risk of collision. Cars equipped with smart cockpits and ADAS systems will need to have their algorithms and datasets continuously updated through OTA updates to make sure the AI knows what to do in various situations. While utilizing live data is generally assumed to be the best way to train AI models, supplementing the datasets with simulated data and training through AR/VR or even generative AI can further help improve the model.

COMPUTEX will return from June 4 to 7 2024 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (TaiNEX) Halls 1 and 2. Join us onsite and find the latest ICT products in Asia’s leading B2B ICT Trade Show!

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