Product Introduction - Sharkoon Rebel C50

 Publish Date :2023/11/21

Sharkoon has been developing popular gaming products in the worldwide gaming community with an exceptional combination of high-performance and affordability. Offering stylish PC cases, precision keyboards/ mice, and comfortable gaming chairs; Sharkoon also demonstrates variety and versatility within their entire product range.

Sharkoon Rebel C50 ATX case is equipped air-permeable paneling and perforated interior surfaces for improved airflow. The modular installation options allow space for up to two 360 mm radiators or eleven 120 mm fans, and even HDDs and SSDs can be modularly installed all together on a mounting bracket.

The Rebel C50 comes already pre-installed with two 120 mm PWM fans and a total of 11x 120 mm fans can be installed in the case. To prevent modern graphics cards from drooping, the Rebel C50 comes with a graphics card holder, complete with a rubberized contact surface. With the optional Rebel C50 VGCK 4.0, users can also mount their graphics card vertically.

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