Product Introduction - C&T Solution VIO-217-PC100-EHL

 Publish Date :2023/11/28

C&T Solution is a global solutions provider specializing in industrial computer and embedded fields C&T is committed to developing and manufacturing industrial PC, display systems, and industrial boards; striving to achieve the highest standards in innovation and technology.

C&T VIO-217-PC100-EHL Panel PC is based on Intel® Celeron® J6413 Quad Core Processor. Designed with flat surface, IP 65 dust/waterproof front panel, and aluminum die-casting front frame with rugged body structure, it offers versatile I/O connections and rugged reliability for industrial panel PC users.

The VIO-217-PC100-EHL supports Multi-Mode Display Module (MDM) technology, providing more flexibility in system upgrade and maintenance. It offers modularized I/O expansion, rich connectivity interfaces, wide range of power input from 9 to 36 DCV, and high reliability even in extreme operating temperatures. With built-in over voltage protection (OVP), over current protection (OCP), reverse protection, and wide range DC power input, the VIO-217-PC100-EHL is applicable in every industrial application.

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