Product Introduction - AcBel R1BD2451A

 Publish Date :2023/12/13

AcBel Polytech was founded in 1981 and mainly focuses on 3 major fields: Power Supply Solutions, Smart Green Energy Services, and EV Power Solutions. The AcBel power supply product covers consumer and enterprise power supplies, applicable in various fields such as personal computers, smart home applications, smartphones, servers, networking, and medical equipment. Each product is designed with strict quality standards to meet different applications and environments.

The AcBel Polytech R1BD2451A is a 1U Slim DC-to-DC module Industrial PSU with a 450-Watt maximum output power. The R1BD2451A is applicable for servers, NAS, Networking, or IPC with over 87% efficiency at 100% load and at least 150,000 hours MTBF at 40°C ambient temperature with -53VDC in 75% load condition.

The R1BD2451A has line-to-line ±0.5 kV and line-to-PE ±1 kV lightning surge protection. It has an operating temperature range of 0 to 50°C and can function in areas with altitudes of up to 5000 m and 5% to 95% humidity.

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