How Do You Power Your Device?

 Publish Date :2024/03/21

Power adapters are among the most important components to power ICT products. Whether for a home laptop or a commercial data server, the power adapter is needed to convert the original power source to a useable voltage; generally converting AC voltage from the electrical outlet to DC for the hardware which is the function of an AC/DC adapter. While there are other converters such as the AC/AC and DC/DC which are used to convert the voltages in the same current type and the DC/AC adapter which are more commonly known as inverters.

Verified Market Research valued the adapter market at USD 17.36 billion in 2023 and by 2029, the value is expected to reach USD 24.43 billion with a CAGR of 5% in the forecast period. This significant growth is driven by several factors including the increased demand for electronic gadgets, growing interest and installation of IoT devices, technological advancements, etc. However, there are also factors that might act as challenges for the adapter market such as the stronger regulation framework, disruptions in the supply chain, technical advances that outpace manufacturing, and more.

Adapters are needed in virtually every industry to operate various devices with different voltage and current ranges. One of the leaders in adapter manufacturing is DELTA who provides total power management solution for notebook, communication and other external power source applications. They currently supply 45% of the global adapter market with RoHS, REACH, and WEEE recycling standards compliant products.

In certain application scenarios, the adapters might be plugged 24/7 which means reliable performance and safe operations are vital. Manufacturers today offer adapters for various applications with specific features such as high energy efficiency to support corporate users’ ESG efforts, wall mounted form factor, medical grade, etc.

For example, MEAN WELL recently released the NGE 30/45/65/90 Series that offer 30 to 90W wall-mounted AC adapters that follow various safety standards such as 62368-1 / 60601-1 / 61558-1 / 60335-1, as well as additional certifications of CCC / BSMI / PSE. Certain manufacturers might also provide customization services for users such as Unifive Technology who can adjust and customize their product specifications to meet their customers’ needs.

High-tech medical devices such as ultrasonic machine, X-ray machine, ECG monitor, display, biochemical analyzer, and more should use medical grade adapters to prevent nosocomial infections which comply with the IEC601(EN60601) & UL60601 standards. For industrial devices, voltage is not the only metrics to confirm as different form factors might be needed to power the intended devices. Other than the common enclosed, desktop or open frame adapters; industrial adapters might need a dedicated DIN rail mounted form factor. Industrial adapters also need to be able to withstand rugged environments such as high temperature, high moisture, high dust, shock & vibration, potentially corrosive vapors, etc. Manufacturers such as FSP already offers both medical and industrial grade adapters in various form factors and voltages.

Adapters today might also incorporate gallium nitride (GaN) technology which can be up to 3 times as efficient as conventional silicon-based adapters. This means the GaN based adapters use less energy because they are more efficient in converting AC to DC voltage. GaN as a material is also more heat resistant which helps prolong the adapter product life. This technology is already used in the new EA1360 Series desktop adapter by EDAC POWER that has an MTBF of over 100,000 hours and Level VI energy efficiency.

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