控創科技 (Kontron)

 Publish Date :2024/03/25

Kontron, a global leading brand in embedded computing products and smart industrial IoT solutions, has many cutting-edge technical capabilities, including proprietary IoT-to-Cloud operation system - KontronOS, IoT software framework - Kontron susietec® Toolset, computer-on-module for high performance computing - COM-HPC®, 5G mobile private networks and smart railway solutions. Customers it serves are across a variety of sectors, such as industrial automation, aviation, communications, defense, energy, medical and transportation.

To fulfill the business demands from the Asia-Pacific region, Kontron has wholly-owned subsidiaries in Taiwan, China and Malaysia respectively. The Taiwan branch is responsible for the sales of Kontron products in the Asia-Pacific region and the R&D and manufacturing of some Kontron products. Recently, Kontron has made a number of acquisitions and investments to strengthen its software and integration solution competencies.

COMPUTEX is an important exhibition platform of information and communications technologies in the world, Kontron states. Therefore, Kontron would like to showcase not only its embedded boards and systems but also how these hardware devices are used in the fields through COMPUTEX. Kontron will showcase some typical success cases to bring smart interactive experiences to the visitors and to demonstrate Kontron’s competencies in industrial software and field integration solutions.

Kontron is dedicated to strengthening its competencies in hardware and software integration solutions these years. Besides the strong innovative hardware development capabilities, Kontron also sets new benchmarks and has a leading role in software and integration solutions, especially equipment control and integration, factory and manufacturing automation, process and machine automation, digital transformation and rail technology. It has had a lot of success cases across a wide range of customer profiles from semiconductor, photovoltaic, automotive, food and pharmaceutical to vacuum and coating as well as rail industries. Kontron can provide not only the proven software products but also the customized software solutions with industry or domain-specific optimizations.

“AI is one of the technologies in which Kontron keeps invest in order to bring intelligence to the edge devices.” Since 2019, Kontron has been NVIDIA Preferred Partner and integrates their GPUs into its expandable AI platforms and applications, such as industrial rackmount computing systems, to offer the required computing power for edge AI referencing.

In addition, Kontron partners with Hailo and Google to integrate their AI-accelerator modules and TPUs respectively into Kontron’s compact edge computing systems. Kontron reveals that it has been getting design wins of approximately EUR 29 million in AI field across video surveillance, defect detection, edge cloud computing and robotics. Obviously, Kontron has had excellent success in AI field.

The main idea behind edge computing is to allocate computing and storage tasks to edge nodes while reducing the dependency on central nodes to accelerate data processing and transmission as well as improving response times on nodes, Kontron states. Combining fast-growing AI and IoT technologies, each device in each node is able to process data independently and make decisions.

In response to this trend, Kontron has implemented technology investments and strategic acquisitions these years to strengthen its product portfolio to fulfill the demands driven by the trend.

Besides AI, the combination of 5G network and edge computing technology can make each node in IoT networks more useful, observed by Kontron. Therefore, Kontron keeps investing resources in this field, enabling it solutions to bring necessary computing power as well as intelligence to the edge nodes located in remote mobile network access points, rural areas, dedicated industrial networks and other extreme edges that traditional networks cannot cover.

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