香港商香港歐陸通科技 (ASPOWER)

 Publish Date :2024/04/30

Energy, AI and related topics are in public eyes. A high tech company focuses on research and development, production and sales of switching power supply products, HONGKONG HONOR HIGH TECH CO., LIMITED TAIWAN BRANCH (Honoto, the Company) launches high efficiency and high density power products to meet the trend of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Furthermore, the Company also develops energy saving power products and its business layout covers a wide range of applications, the main applications include office electronics, network communications, security monitoring, smart home, new consumer electronics equipment and other areas. The Company has been highly recognized by worldwide famous customers, such as LG, HP, Honeywell, Roku, Technicolor, Sagemcom, Google, Walmart, Foxconn, and other internationally renowned companies.

The Company is committed to providing customers with reliable, highly efficient and intelligent switching power products. In the data center infrastructure, the Company has extensive experience with PSU solution and provides embedded switching power products, include standard and high server power module, as well as power products for security, communications and etc. in data centers.

In terms of high-power server power supplies, the Company provides a full range of CRPS power supplies from 800W to 3200W, high-power air-cooling server power supplies from 1300W to 4000W, decentralized immersion liquid-cooled server power supplies from 1600W to 3500W, and centralized immersion liquid-cooling server power shelf of 30KW, which are mainly applied on IT equipment in data center, such as edge servers, artificial intelligence servers, memory, switches, 5G micro base stations, and so on. Honoto has become the supplier of lots of companies, such as Inspur, Foxconn, Lenovo and so on.

With strong product strength and technology expertise, the Company’s Brands,” Honoto” and “ASPOWER” possess brand advantages and a good market image. The high-efficiency 3.2KW M-CRPS power supply developed by “ASPOWER”, utilizes advanced technology and design to elevate energy conversion efficiency to titanium level, reducing energy consumption . It meets the demands of high-performance, high power density requirements for next-generation computing applications such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Furthermore, its high level of flexibility and reliability enables customers to customize configurations according to their needs, catering to various application scenarios including data centers and edge computing devices.

In addition, in response to the increasing power consumption of cabinets due to the continuous development of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, and automation, ASPOWER has introduced its latest 27.5 kW Power Shelf. This innovative solution not only complies with the Open Compute Project’s (OCP) third-generation Open Rack (ORV3) specifications but also features six sets of 5.5 kW power supplies. Capable of delivering up to 27.5 kW of power to servers (with 5+1 redundancy), it achieves an energy conversion efficiency of up to 97.5%. In terms of intelligent management, the 27.5 kW Power Shelf power system can be used in conjunction with ASPOWER’s proprietary Power Management Interface (PMI) to assist customers in achieving intelligent energy management in data centers. This integration facilitates real-time monitoring of the power shelf status, significantly enhancing operational visibility and control.

The company states that the 27.5 kW Power Shelf complies with ORV3 busbar design, reducing energy loss during power transmission with its 50V output voltage. Moreover, even if one set of 5.5 kW power supplies fails, the entire rack's power can still operate normally. Additionally, it features hot-swappable capabilities, allowing power supplies to be replaced without downtime, thereby reducing maintenance costs. Furthermore, this power supply supports various communication protocols such as CANBus and RS485, further enhancing control and management capabilities in servers and data centers.

Regarding GPU Power Supply, ASPOWER's GPU redundant power supplies lead the industry in efficiency, power density, and cost optimization, while meeting NVIDIA's EDPP (Electrical Data Peak Processing) standards. The high-efficiency design and advanced technology maximize energy conversion efficiency, resulting in energy savings and reduced environmental impact. Some models also feature built-in ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) functionality, which enhances the reliability of AC input by automatically switching to backup power in the event of a primary power failure. This feature further increases system uptime and reliability, which is crucial for critical applications.

The Company’s quality control, innovation, cost control, delivery and customer service have been fully recognized by customers. The Company devotes a lot to establish the R&D facility and quality control process. Its products have received lots of international certifications; therefore, we establish solid relationship with our customers. The Company has extensive experience of power and earns a well-known brand awareness, and it continuously enhancing its research and development capacity to provide high-efficiency and energy-saving power supply solutions for the Internet, communications, information security, intelligent security, consumer electronics, new energy and many other industries.

As a fast-developing switching power supply company, Honoto catches up the industry's technological revolution and puts forward with advanced product layout in response to the changing of the industry. The Company seizes the new opportunities of AI industry to assist in the upgrade of the server industry. The current high-power server power products can be applied to large-scale AI servers and has been utilized by several renowned customers. The Company’s R&D capacity and power products take a leading position in the globe, as one of the few power suppliers that can realize the mass production of high-power server power supply.

In data center, Honoto will continue to develop the market and expand its business, strengthen cooperation with leading partners of the industry. Furthermore, in the background of the expansion of computing power, the strong demand for domestic solution in Mainland China and the growing need of energy saving and high density power supplies in data centers, the Company accelerates its innovation in high density and high conversion efficiency and continues to enhance design of power supply both in software and hardware for various power platforms to develop products apply for different devices and terminals.

In the future, Honoto will continue to insist on enhancing technology innovation to promote industry innovation and development and cooperate with industry partners to explore the future development of technology.

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