Product Introduction - Biostar ARC A750 OC

 Publish Date :2024/05/15

BIOSTAR MICROTECH INTERNATIONAL started their business on the manufacturing of main boards built in XT form factor. BIOSTAR has since enriched its competence in the design and manufacture of products such as add-on cards, multi-media and system products to develop the market and meet the demands of customers for more integrated solutions.

The Biostar ARC A750 OC graphics card is meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of computing needs, seamlessly accommodating content creation and gaming at every level. The ARC A750 OC graphics card harnesses the cutting-edge Intel ARC graphics technology, offering a unique blend of unmatched performance and innovative features that sets it apart in the competitive market.

With its sleek dual-fan design, the ARC A750 OC graphics card delivers highly efficient cooling under heavy workloads, ensuring robust performance across a range of applications. This power is anchored by a system interface that leverages PCIe 4.0 x16, enabling faster data transfer rates and enhanced bandwidth with improved backward compatibility.

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