Product Introduction - ENERMAX REVOLUTION D.F. 12

 Publish Date :2024/06/13

ENERMAX Technology Corporation is a world-renowned PC Power Supply Unit manufacturer. Established in 1990, ENERMAX provides power supply products and peripherals such as chassis, cooler, fan and keyboard with excellent quality. ENERMAX always strives to create the best PSU, thermal solution, and peripheral products with cutting-edge designs that meet the needs of the market and customers.

ENERMAX REVOLUTION D.F. 12 is the smallest ATX 3.1 ATX Form Factor power supply with only 122mm in-depth. This design maximizes space for airflow within PC cases while delivering robust power in line with the ATX 3.1 specifications, including up to a 235% power excursion. Equipped with a 600W 12V-2x6 cable, the REVOLUTION D.F. 12 delivers 850-Watt power and ensures uncompromised performance for high-end graphics cards and cutting-edge AI computing.

The REVOLUTION D.F. 12 also fits seamlessly into micro ATX cases, providing ample room for efficient cable management. The REVOLUTION D.F. 12 series is available in both black and white versions, offering PC enthusiasts different choices to match their system aesthetics.

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