Product Introduction - FSP VITA GM 1000W

 Publish Date :2024/06/13

FSP Group is one of the global leading power supply manufacturers. With the combination of its leading role in power supply technology and the cultivation of green energy field, FSP Group now provides more competitive quality products and makes itself the most reliable partner for customers, consumers, and suppliers with joint creation of maximized values.

FSP VITA GM 1000W PSU is specifically designed for the demands of future-proof computing and complies with ATX 12V V3.1 & EPS 12V V2.92 standards. With over 90% efficiency at typical load, the VITA GM 1000W PSU is 80PLUS Gold certified with complete OCP, OVP, SCP, OPP, UVP, OTP protections.

Adhering to the latest technical standards, VITA GM 1000W PSU is engineered to meet and exceed modern computing requirements. The VITA GM series power supplies deliver the Intel® recommended 17ms @ 80% load hold-up time compared to the standard 12ms @ 100%, ensuring stable flow of power and safety against sudden power outages, inrush current, and critical power surges.

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