Focus on Future Car, Semiconductor, AIoT, 5G, Cyber Security, and Start-up Major Tech Companies Gather at COMPUTEX FORUM 2021

 Publish Date :2021/05/18

For global high-tech industry, auto groups and start-up teams, digital transformation, energy saving and carbon reduction, post-pandemic start-up business opportunities are the three major issues in 2021. These are also the keys for enterprises to seek sustaining operations. To help enterprises to find the best transformation solution and help ICT industry to engage in the ecosystem of electric vehicles, the TCA (Taipei Computer Association), co-organizer of COMPUTEX seeks to focus on the future car technology, Semiconductor, AIoT, 5G communication, cyber security, and start-up trends. Major local and international tech companies, such as Andes, ASE, ASUS, AUO, Delta, FHNet, HawCom, Infineon, III, Microsoft, MIH, NVIDIA, PEGATRON, Powerchip, QCT, Qualcomm, Realtek, Renesas, Trend Micro and more are invited. In addition, international venture capital firms, such as Ceres Capital, Mesh Ventures, StarFab Accelerator, Tohmatsu Venture and more will also join the forum. There will be about 40 sessions, presented by more than 60 heavy weight speakers. Starting from June 1, COMPUTEX FORUM 2021 will be online! InnoVEX FORUM, the start-up forum, will also go online on June 3, with major topics on start-up trends, innovative 5G, healthcare and cyber security applications.

Approaching the automobile industry, the agenda of “Future Car” – the construction of future automobile supply chain will be launched on June 1

TCA pointed out that to cope with the global trend of energy saving and carbon reduction, starting from 2030, governments of various countries will begin to stop selling gasoline cars. Starting from 2020, electric power, smart driving and other technologies have been introduced. It enables not only the total transformation of the automobile industry but also synchronizes the all-new supply chain of the electric vehicles.

As many international high-tech companies begin to engage in the electric vehicles and smart driving supply chain and many of the technologies come from the ICT industry, TCA specially planned the agenda of the Future Car to assist Taiwan’s ICT industry to engage in this ecosystem. Covering the issues of the trends in the electric vehicle industry, the development of automotive semiconductor, electric car platform and more, it has invited III, Nagoya University, Andes, ASE, Infineon, NVIDIA, Realtek, Renesas, CarExpert, AUO, PEGATRON, YunTech, TADA, Delta, eXmotion, HawCom, MIH, Trend Micro and other high-tech companies to share their views regarding the latest trends in electric vehicles, self-driving development in Japan, specifications on electric automotive semiconductor, IoV system framework, ADAS solution, electric car system platform, smart driving technology and automotive embedded system development in seminars. People interested in electric vehicle and self-driving industry are invited to pay more attention during these speeches.

Japan is one of the countries specializing in automobile technology. In the aspects of electric vehicle and self-driving trends, the key is the integration of software and hardware. Therefore, TCA invited the Japan Embedded Systems Technology Association (JASA) to join collaboration projects. Visiting Professor Tsuguo Nobe of Nagoya Univeristy, who has worked in famous companies worldwide to analyze the development trends of self-driving technology in Japan. Senior Consultant Ko Sugimoto from eXmotion is invited to share how to develop automotive software products. According to our understanding that eXmotion’s customers in automobile-related areas include many major Japanese automobile industry and Tier-1 suppliers of automobile parts.

Regarding AIoT applications development and 5G opportunities, in “AIoT & 5G” held on June 2, the agendas will include the latest trends demonstrated with case studies and the applications of cyber security to protect enterprises

TCA expressed that according to the research reports of Research and Markets, it indicates that with the generalization of AI technology and 5G telecommunication, AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) applications will have the market worth of $ 65.9 billion by 2025. From 2020 to 2025, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) will be as high as 39.1%. Built-in AI terminal device will be the fastest growing product. In the future, it will be using 5G private network as the major scenario in 5G related AIoT smart applications (such as smart manufacturing).

To help different industries to understand AIoT scenarios and the advantages of 5G communication, TCA has planned the agenda of “AIoT & 5G” on June 2. It will cover the fields of trends of AIoT chips design, AI smart healthcare, smart manufacturing and applications in 5G environment, Taiwan’s digital transformation technology application, 5G O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network Alliance), applications and introduction of 5G framework, GloRa (Global Radio) of IoT and AIoT equipment and other telecommunication technology. Major companies, such as Powerchip, ASUSTeK, FHNet, Microsoft, K-Best, QCT, etc., are invited to present seminar speeches. They are going to introduce cases of actual applications to help enterprises in 5G applications and provide them with references for digital transformation planning.

For all kinds of high-tech application services, cyber security plays a key role. It is also the pain spot of many enterprises. Therefore, TCA has invited ACSI, Onward Security, TMRTEK, TTC and other manufacturers simultaneously to analyze issues in cyber security inspection and testing, cyber security certification in IoT equipment, information security service for enterprises, information security practice in smart manufacturing and other situations.

InnoVEX FORUM will be launched on June 3, focusing on start-up trends in the post-pandemic period, 5G innovation, healthcare and cyber security applications

TCA pointed out that due to the worldwide impact of COVID-19, InnoVEX Forum has invited renowned start-up experts, including Ceres Capital, Mesh Ventures, StarFab Accelerator and Tohmatsu Venture to discuss and share from the perspective of VC on the theme “Sets the Tone, Moving Forward!” and ” The Key Factors to Become a Growth Startup in the 2020s”. They are going to present their views on the areas for start-up in the post-pandemic period and possible business opportunities.

The issues of 5G, AI, healthcare, cyber security, etc. are discussed frequently in the start-up circle in recent years. Therefore, Qualcomm and its local and international start-up teams are invited to share cases regarding start-up business opportunities and AI applications in the 5G era from the perspectives of “5G Innovation,” “Foresee the Omnipresent AI” and “Conduct Digital Transformation with 5G.” With the help of Taiwan Start-up Terrace, BE Accelerator, Trend Micro and many local and international start-up teams are invited to discuss the trends of start-up biotech blue ocean and cyber security service.

Online COMPUTEX FORUM 2021 will begin on June 1 and InnoVEX FORUM will be launched on June 3. We welcome local and international high-tech industry, professionals, start-up businesses and venture capital businesses to pre-register online to view the forum on time!

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Established in 1981, COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the world’s leading technology tradeshow, was organized and named by Taipei Computer Association (TCA) during the chairmanship of Mr.Stan Shih. Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) was invited as co-organizer in 1985. InnoVEX, co-orgazined by TCA and TAITRA, is a special exhibition for Startups which has diversified events and matchmaking platforms to accelerate the collaboration of ideas, innovative technologies and manufacturing capacity.

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