Winners of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2021 Best Choice Award Announced, Showcasing a New Generation of Digital Transformation Solutions

 Publish Date :2021/07/30

The co-organizer of COMPUTEX TAIPEI, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated that COMPUTEX’s official awards: Best Choice Award (BC Award) is entering its 19th edition. The Best Choice Award is not only to help exhibitors showcasing their innovations, but also an important reference point for international buyers when searching for partners with whom to collaborate and make purchases.

The full list of the 19 winners for this year’s Best Choice Award is announced on July 30 through an online Premiere

On July 30, the list of winners is announced through an online premiere with products that cover the latest digital transformation solutions. The industries consist of: Gaming, AI, IoT, HPC, Video Streaming, Vehicle Technology, 3D Printing, XR and more. The winning companies include AMD, ASRock, ATEN, AVermedia, Chiun Mai Communication, E Ink, Innodisk, j5Create, Jorjin, MiTAC Digital, MSI, NVIDIA, PLANET, Realtek, Silicon Labs, Supermicro, XYZprinting, and more international companies. The winner of the Best Choice of the Year of 2021 is MSI’s MEG Aegis Ti5.

TCA points out that the main criteria to win in Best Choice Award is that the products must be able to improve users’ operational efficiency or solve pain points of users facing digital transformations. Products that succeed in this will be noticed definitely by the jury panel.

MSI’s MEG Aegis Ti5 is the winner of the COMPUTEX 2021 Best Choice of the Year Award

The panel of judges stated that the MEG Aegis Ti5 has a uniquely futuristic design, is equipped with an exclusively developed 4th generation Silent Storm Cooling system, and an independent cold chamber cooling design. The Intel Core i9-11900K processor provides users with the best computing power and facilitates multitasking. Its never-before-seen gaming dial allows users to also freely switch between settings just like an overclock switch. Its Thunderbolt 4 interface combined with the its 2.5G network connection and WiFi 6E transmission allows for a lag-free gaming experience.

The MEG Aegis Ti5’s dedicated hardware specifications and product positioning shows that the manufacturer understands the market’s needs for high-end gaming hardware. For the reasons stated, the MSI MEG Aegis Ti5 was unanimously voted by the judges as the winner of the Best Choice of the Year 2021 award.

Four products won the Golden Award to show significant technological advances in their respective fields

TCA stated in this year’s Best Choice Award, 4 products won the highly distinguished Golden Award. The products include: NVIDIA A100, Realtek Automotive Ethernet Switch, Jorjin J7EF Plus, and Innodisk InnoAGE SSD. The products serve different applications, but they all show significant technological advances in their respective fields.

Starting from the NVIDIA A100; its 3rd generation Tensor core helps improve deep learning abilities. It has excellent computing powers and great future market potential. Realtek’s Automotive Ethernet Switch (RTL9075AAD/RTL9072AAD) is the first high integration solution for the Gigabit Ethernet Central Gateway in the automotive market. This product is great for connecting with IC, resistant to electromagnetic interference, shows great innovation, and has excellent market potential.

Jorjin’s smart AR goggles; the J7EF Plus provides extremely clear 2D/3D immersive imaging experiences, ultra-efficient 3D environmental detection & gesture recognition, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. It is a pioneer in the new brain computing interface era which can provide a significant boost for enterprise digital transformation efforts.

The Innodisk InnoAGE SSD comes with built-in Microsoft Azure Sphere Technology which can connect to Microsoft Azure’s IoT Hub and webpage management console via augmented internet ports or Wi-Fi wireless internet. It offers users with remote control capabilities via a simple to use interface.

The 3 Major Trends of Best Choice Award 2021: High Performance Computing, AI Computing, Upgraded Video Streaming

TCA stated that in the post pandemic New Normal; remote work and video streaming has become increasingly common for professionals while e-learning has become more mainstream for education. As such, high performance computers; both desktops and laptops, have become recent, yet significant mainstream purchases for both enterprise and home use. Many users also decided to purchase gaming computers to meet the hardware specifications of the softwares required for remote work such as video streaming and teleconferencing softwares. Examples of these products include the MSI Creator P50 Series and the ASRock Z590 Taichi; winners in the Category Award of Best Choice Award 2021.

AI Computing has also become a necessary feature for hardwares. AI computing can improve workflow efficiency and reduce data processing loads among other benefits. In addition, because AI computing can be done remotely via cloud servers; industrial PCs, edge computing hardwares, and even IoT devices can run the service without an issue. Enterprises have also begun deploying AI computing architectures that simultaneously drive the purchases of AI servers and compatible equipment. The category award winners include AMD EPYC™ 7763 Processor, Supermicro AI Server with Liquid Cooling Solutions / SYS-420GP-TNAR series, and Realtek Low Power AI IP Camera SoC (RTS3916N).

Even as the pandemic subsides in some parts of the world, the demand for video streaming products & solutions continues to grow. Many enterprise users now look for improved quality, performance, and efficiency in video streaming. The winners in the category award also fulfills the higher standards required to ensure the highest quality and stability. The winners here include AVerMedia LIVE STREAMER NEXUS, ATEN UC3022 CAMLIVE PRO, KaiJet 360° All Around Webcam, and more.

COMPUTEX Best Choice Award Selects only the Best Products & Solutions

Best Choice Award is the official award of COMPUTEX TAIPEI. Since 2002, it has been conducted concurrently with each year’s COMPUTEX. Entering its 19th edition, it has continued to uphold its goal of providing global buyers with the best purchasing reference that is reliable for both buyers and manufacturers. To maintain objectivity and fairness, every entrant in every edition of Best Choice Award is judged by a panel of judges from multiple backgrounds. The panel will then select the award winning products based on their functionality, innovation, market potential, and other criteria to maintain the reputation of the award.

About TCA

Taipei Computer Association (TCA) is a leading not-for-profit ICT industry organization in Taiwan. TCA currently has over 4,000 active corporate members. These member companies may be categorized into three main sectors such as IT services, computer systems and software companies. These members represent about 80% of the production value of the ICT industry.

The complete list of winners of the COMPUTEX Best Choice Award in the award’s official website:

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