Asian Silicon Valley-Major League IoT to Feature Smart Healthcare Pavilion in COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD

 Publish Date :2021/09/02

Taiwan is well known around the world for its ICT industry and the National Health Insurance (NHI) provided to all residents. To help global visitors find their needed smart healthcare solutions, the Asian Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA) introduced the Asian Silicon Valley-Major League IoT Smart Healthcare Pavilion in the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD platform.

ASVDA is an agency under the National Development Council (NDC). The vision of ASVDA is to build a R&D oriented innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem to link with advanced technology R&D capabilities globally for the development of the next generation industry. In COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD, ASVDA organized the Smart Healthcare Pavilion which will feature 15 exhibitors: Advanced ACE Biotek, Advantech, AI Clerk, Datiphy, Genejet Biomedical Technology, JRSYS, LEO Systems, Lightspeed International, Lydsec Digital, MWD Technologies, New Ju Feng International Science and Technology, SiMPNiC, SYSCOM Computer Engineering, VitalSigns Technology, and ZEBEX Industries.

The pavilion will feature multiple softwares, hardwares, and solutions related to smart healthcare applications. The featured applications include smart hospitals, telemedicine, AI medical imaging, digital medical equipment, medicine storage management, AI managed health insurance, 5G private network, information security, barcode readers for hospital, smart home, biometric authentication systems, and more.

The pavilion will provide visitors with a one-stop smart healthcare solutions development and procurement service. The pavilion’s aim is to improve the efficiency of international visitors to find local Taiwanese manufacturers as well as to assist Taiwanese exhibitors to expand their businesses overseas.

Visitors who are interested in the Asian Silicon Valley-Major League IoT Smart Healthcare Pavilion, are invited to visit the official website at:

Taiwanese Precision Health Supply Chain Expands International Digital Health Opportunities

The current global trend promotes digital health and smart medicine policies. The World Health Organization (WHO) released the Global Strategy on Digital Health 2020-2025 report in 2020. The report aims to help governments around the world understand how to strengthen health systems through the application of digital health technologies.

The National Development Council announced the Program for Promoting Six Core Strategic Industries in 2020. One of the articles focuses on the precision health industry, where systems of “precision prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care will be built, precision epidemic prevention products will be developed, and international biomedical business opportunities will be explored”. The goal of this measure is to promote Taiwan “as a role model in the area of epidemic prevention around the world”.

To succeed in the effort of developing smart medical solutions, integration of ICT with biomedical technologies and knowledge is vital. In Taiwan, ICT and biomedicine companies have compiled a verified and comprehensive database regarding health insurance services. This database will be a treasure trove for international companies aiming to develop smart medical & digital health solutions.

Having first-hand knowledge and experience in the field makes Taiwanese ICT and biomedicine companies the best partners as they also have their own network and channels with medical institutions in Taiwan. This close connection makes field verification efforts possible to ensure the quality and precision of the digital health solutions.

(Source: Advantech)

Smart Healthcare Pavilion Features Holistic Smart Medicine Solutions; Focus on Smart Hospitals, Telemedicine, and Smart Healthcare

The Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA) stated that in the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD Smart Healthcare Pavilion, the 3 most popular applications are smart hospitals, telemedicine, and smart healthcare. Exhibitors showcasing smart hospital solutions include Advanced ACE Biotek, Advantech, MWG Technologies, New Ju Feng International Science and Technology, SYSCOM Computer Engineering, Datiphy, Zebex Industries, and more.

The products that will be featured in the pavilion include AI rapid temperature screening system, intelligent outpatient solution, intelligent ward solutions, medical imaging tools, smart care system, smart medical storage system, 5G private network integration solutions, enterprise database auditing & security software, 2D barcode scanners solutions, and more. The solutions can improve hospital efficiency, reduce the burden of medical and nursing manpower, protect medical data & records, and ensure the quality of medical care.

Telemedicine exhibitors in the pavilion include Advantech, Jrsys International, LEO Systems, Lydsec Digital Technology, and more. The solutions exhibited include telemedicine carts, telehealth suitcase, AIoT security, 5G telehealth applications, mobile biometric authentication, and other solutions to help hospitals quickly develop telemedicine services.

Smart healthcare solutions required for home care and long term care (such as long-term care 2.0) include Advanced ACE Biotek, SiMPNiC, VitalSigns Technology, and more. The products in the pavilion include Einthoven Health Sensation System, SiMPNiC Keepers, Lead Holter, etc. These solutions can be integrated with telemedicine systems to allow patients to be cared for at home, reducing the burdens on medical staff, and guarantee the quality of life and care for the patients.

Different countries have different rules and regulations for smart healthcare, medical services, medical grade materials, as well as criteria for certifications. For this reason, ASVDA stated that exhibitors in the pavilion can include customization services for their products and solutions to fulfill the regional and local requirements. This will help international buyers find products, solutions, as well as partners that can fit their requirements and relevant regulations. For the exhibitors, this effort will also help them expand their smart medical services globally.

(Source: Advantech)

Asian Silicon Valley-Major League IoT Smart Healthcare Pavilion:

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