COMPUTEX Symposium to Discuss the Present and Future of Cybersecurity under the Wave of Digital Transformation

 Publish Date :2021/11/24

“The Present and Future of Cybersecurity under the Wave of Digital Transformation”, the first COMPUTEX Symposium will be held on December 10, 2021. The webinar will invite experts from leading companies to share their insights on how to address the ongoing cyber security trends.

During the early days of the pandemic, many companies had to rush their digital transformation processes to maintain operations; sometimes with the bare necessary staff and resources. A great majority of employees had to shift to remote work; using digital platforms to collaborate and perform their duties from home instead of their respective offices. As employees and employers alike had to use their personal network for work; certain vulnerabilities become apparent as personal networks are often less secure and leave open gaps that malicious agents may exploit.

According to Deloitte, cyber criminals have exploited personal home networks for data theft since the start of the pandemic as well as attempting to exploit weaknesses in remote IT security arrangements. As new security risks emerge, there must also be new security measures that can solve these risks as soon as possible.

The webinar will discuss all the ongoing trends and have invited 5 speakers to share their insights: Mr. Patrick Tung, Senior Industry Analyst & Program Manager of MIC who will share about the trends and opportunities of cyber security development; Mr. James J. L. Liu, President of SYSCOM Computer Engineering who will discuss corporate insight as a new driving force in digital transformation; Mr. Andrew Chen, Director Product Ops & Service Management of Trend Micro who will redefine cyber security strategy; Mr. Abbas Kudrai, APAC Chief Cybersecurity Advisor of Microsoft who will introduce cases of ransomware attacks in Asia; and Ms. Sylvia Huang, Assistant Vice President of ITTS x TCFC who will discuss cyber security incidents in major supply chains in Taiwan.

The agenda for the event is as follows:

The COMPUTEX Symposium will be held online and the participants will receive a video link one week before the event. The event will premiere on December 10, 2021 from 10.00 to 11.30 AM (GMT+8) and will be available on the COMPUTEX YouTube channel at a later date.

The join the webinar, please sign up here.

About COMPUTEX Symposium

COMPUTEX is one of the key B2B exhibitions for global ICT procurement. To help manufacturers expand to the international market and overcome time zones and geographical distance constraints, TCA will hold the COMPUTEX Symposium in both online and offline formats. The topics in the forum will include multiple topics such as digital security, smart technology, 5G/B5G, Metaverse, etc., featuring industry leaders and relevant speakers to discuss the latest trends and innovations.