Taiwan Advanced Automotive Technology Development Association Established on December 16, 2021

 Publish Date :2021/12/20

The need for innovations in transportation and mobility have grown rapidly over the last few years; especially as companies race to develop the first truly autonomous vehicle. At the same time, countries have also pledged to reduce their carbon emission, with many aiming to achieve net zero by 2030. Today the automotive trends have also changed as vehicles have more electronics installed and more people preferring electric vehicles to traditional internal combustion engines. To achieve the goals and lead the trend, the automotive industry will need to cooperate with the ICT industry that brings forth innovations to meet market expectations and government requirements.

Now both the ICT and automotive industries need to cooperate to successfully develop new technologies together, as well as to explore the advanced automotive industry ecosystem and its supply chain. To achieve this, the Chairman of Powerchip Technology Corporation, Frank Huang invited businesses and industry association such as AU Optronics, Pegatron, Powerchip Technology, Taiwan Telematics Industry Association (TTIA), Taipei Computer Association (TCA), Taiwan IoT Technology and Industry Association (TwIoTA), and more to join the Taiwan Advanced Automotive Technology Development Association (TADA).

The inaugural meeting of TADA happened on December 16, 2021 in the Taipei Grand Hyatt Hotel where an MOU was signed between TADA and the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association (TTVMA) to accelerate cross-industry cooperation. The first TADA membership meeting was also held on the same day with the Chairman of Powerchip Technology Corporation, Frank Huang being elected as the first chairman of the association.

TADA to Promote Automotive – ICT Integration and Facilitate Taiwanese Industries in Leveraging the Electric Vehicle Trends

In his speech, Chairman Huang stated that the purpose of the Taiwan Advanced Automotive Technology Development Association (TADA) is to promote communication & cooperation between the ICT and automotive industries. The main reason is because both industries often are not familiar with their counterparts needs and capabilities. With the establishment of TADA, Chairman Huang hoped that the domain know-how of the automotive and ICT industries can be integrated with each other to facilitate Taiwanese industries in leveraging the electric and autonomous vehicle trends and the business opportunities from them.

Chairman Huang stated that in the G20 summit in Rome (October 30-31, 2021), carbon emission reduction policies will be implemented in the near future. Many governments have also introduced policies aimed at stopping the sales of passenger vehicles powered by fossil fuel. As the automotive industries face carbon reduction regulations, more electric vehicles will be developed; creating great business opportunities for Taiwan.

The increased interest and demand for electric vehicles will also increase the demand for components and supporting technologies such as semiconductors, in-vehicle computers, and other devices which are vital for electric vehicles and smart vehicles. All of these devices are also products and solutions which Taiwan excels in.

Frank Huang Elected as the First Chairman of TADA

The secretariat of TADA stated that after the establishment meeting of TADA, the association also held its inaugural meeting where Frank Huang was elected as the first chairman of the association. Companies, associations, startup teams, industry professionals, and other parties interested in the electric vehicle supply chain are welcome to join TADA and link the automotive & ICT industries. Interested parties can visit the association’s website for more information at: