COMPUTEX 2022 Officially Begins Realtek RTD2892NND Won the Best Choice of the Year of BC Award 2022

 Publish Date :2022/05/24

Asia’s leading B2B ICT exhibition, COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2022 has officially begun on May 24 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1) 4F concurrently with the startup focused exhibition, InnoVEX. This also marks the first ever hybrid COMPUTEX where an online platform, COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD is used to complement the physical exhibition, COMPUTEX TAIPEI. One of the organizers, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) announced that the focusing on the global digital transformation procurement demands, the main themes of COMPUTEX 2022 are: Innovative Computing, Accelerating Intelligence, Digital Resilience, Connected X-Experience, Sustainability, and Innovations and Startups.

COMPUTEX 2022 was joined by various industry leading companies including GIGABYTE, Delta Electronics, KIOXIA, Innodisk, Jetway, Infineon, Voltronic Power, IONE, ATEN, tsta, K-Best, Plustek, Silicon Labs, Artilux, Protech, Jorjin, Minpo, the IDB-AI Pavilion and more. The products this year includes various innovative products and key components for the ICT industry. The exhibitors of COMPUTEX 2022 will showcase their latest products and innovations in AI, 5G, HPC, metaverse, gaming hardware, creator laptops, automotive electronics, edge computing, smart factories, smart life, green energy, and more.

The 29 Winners of Best Choice Award 2022 Announced Today

The official award of COMPUTEX, the Best Choice Award (abbreviated as BC Award) has continued to be a reliable product procurement guide. The winners of Best Choice Award 2022 are announced today on May 24 and in total there are 29 winning products from industry leading companies including GIGABYTE, Realtek, MSI, G.Skill, Trend Micro, PLANET Technology, AAEON, ASRock, Jorjin, Chenbro Micom, MiTAC, E Ink, Kenmec, Beseye, Acer, Wincomm, ArmorX, PUFsecurity, CHT Security, Openfind, Maxnerva Tech, Coolso, and more. The winning products cover 5 major digital transformation trends including metaverse, gaming & entertainment, HPC, AI, and Cybersecurity. This year, the winner of BC Award’s highest honor, the Best Choice of the Year is the Realtek RTD2892NND.

The judges panel stated that as the market needs more and better high-quality content, video content often needs to be compressed due to bandwidth limitations or was originally in low resolution. This makes the videos impossible to correct without upgrading equipment or using dedicated hardware/ software mix. The industry urgently needs an innovative and effective solution to solve this problem especially as more materials recorded with legacy equipment deteriorate without any means of preserving them.

Realtek’s innovation with the RTD2892NND AI Super Resolution Fidelity Recovery IC won the Best Choice of the Year Award because it “is a powerful AI-based super resolution IC and is the only IC currently available in the market capable of restoring the texture and resolution of original content. It can be paired with existing display controllers and provides top-level picture quality. The RTD2892NND uses various neural network models for different scenes and objects to remove noise and enhance the picture quality adaptively. It also prevents over-compression issues due to limited bandwidth.”

Metaverse & XR, Gaming & Entertainment, Smart AI Applications are the Main Categories of Best Choice Award 2022

The BC Award jury panel which consists of representatives from government, academics, and research institutes, stated that the post pandemic era has brought new needs for both enterprises and society. The current trend shows that the procurement of digital transformation solutions has become a key issue for buyers. The main categories of Best Choice Award 2022 focused on products, solutions, and innovations in metaverse, gaming & creators, as well as smart AI applications.

The metaverse as proposed by Meta (formerly Facebook) is applicable for both working from home (WFH) & learning from home (LFH), virtual socializing, and more. However, the underlying technology required for its optimum implementation will require cloud based HPC servers, 5G, XR, wearables, and the appropriate hardware.

In addition, many AI applications have also matured, so smart application devices with AI functions are also among the key trends for this year’s award-winning products. The products include edge AI processors, e-paper, image processing chips, body temperature sensors, epidemic prevention robots, and more; including AI powered digital mixers. The software-hardware integration combined with AI will be beneficial for everyone across the board by enhancing the user experience and providing a way for manufacturers to differentiate their products; improving their product value and marketability.

BC Award – Cybersecurity Award Showcases Taiwan’s Cybersecurity Products & Solutions

TCA stated that under the current trends of digital transformation increases the importance of cybersecurity. According to MarketsandMarkets , the global cybersecurity market will grow from USD 217.9 Billion in 2021 to USD 345.4 Billion in 2026 with a CAGR of 9.7%. The main driving force of this growth is the need to improve the existing cybersecurity infrastructure, especially in terms of cyber-attack prevention and countermeasures in the vertical market and cross-industry applications.

TCA stated that the trends of digital transformation point to the increasing importance of cybersecurity; even in a national, social, and enterprise level. In addition, the Taiwanese government has also been promoting the “Cybersecurity is National Security 2.0” strategy, which aims to further strengthen Taiwan’s cybersecurity capabilities.

To drive the development of cybersecurity products and services, TCA has expanded the BC Award 2022 to include the BC Award – Cybersecurity awards. The goal is also to explore Taiwan’s excellent cybersecurity products and services, then promote them globally with the BC Award to further expand their reach and market potential.

TCA stated that in terms of cybersecurity development, Taiwan’s core advantage lies in chip security and secured Netcom equipment. With Taiwan’s position as the world’s key semiconductor manufacturer, Taiwan has become the main supplier and foundry of Netcom infrastructure globally. After the US started the Clean Network initiative, the proportion of Taiwan’s Netcom equipment OEM has increased significantly. With Taiwan’s strength in secured Netcom equipment, this has become one of the advantages for Taiwan manufacturers to develop their own cybersecurity products and solutions.

In terms of cybersecurity products and services, Taiwan’s cybersecurity industry is currently still growing in both scale and applications. Taiwan’s cybersecurity industry is currently dominated by small enterprises, with only a few medium and large enterprises playing an active role in it. The main market for cybersecurity in Taiwan is the financial industry.

The Taiwan Stock Exchange recently issued the Cyber Security Guidelines for TWSE/TPEx-Listed Companies on December 23, 2021 which stated that “listed companies should assign adequate human resources and equipment to the planning and monitoring of their cyber security systems and execution of cybersecurity management procedures.” This will significantly affect the ongoing trends of cybersecurity and create more room for growth and development. As cybersecurity software products will further grow in the future, Taiwanese cybersecurity companies can consider internationalizing and expanding their operations.

TCA announced that the winner of the BC Award – Cyber Security Excellence Award is Trend Micro Vision One. The jury panel stated that the product won the prestigious award because it “provides centralized visibility and response from a single console. It analyzes and correlates security telemetries from endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, email, and networks. This enables the security operations centers (SOCs) in organizations to prioritize and respond to threats more easily and effectively by following the three stages of attack surface risk management lifecycle: discover attack surface, assess risks, and mitigate risks.”

To help visitors, viewers, and other interested parties understand the current trends of cybersecurity, TCA announced that the startup focused event – InnoVEX will hold a dedicated forum titled “The Opportunities and Challenges of Zero-Trust Security” in the InnoVEX Pi Stage. The forum will be held on May 26, from 10 AM to 12 PM and will be livestreamed to the InnoVEX ONLINE Platform. Please sign up here to receive the livestream link as well as a notification when the forum begins.

BC Award Winners to be Announced on May 24 and Displayed On-Site at the BC Award Pavilion

TCA announced that the winners of BC Award will be announced on May 24 and the winning products will be displayed in the Best Choice Award Pavilion in booth L0217a in TaiNEX 1 4F. Buyers, visitors, and interested parties are welcome to visit the booth and check out the winning products during COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2022. In addition, TCA has also expanded the functions of the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD Platform to include a BC Award Virtual Pavilion which will showcase the winning products online for global buyers and interested parties.

Please visit the Best Choice Award website for more details on this year's winners.