COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2022 Ended on May 27, CYBERWORLD Platform to Conclude on June 30

 Publish Date :2022/06/01

Asia’s leading B2B ICT Exhibition, COMPUTEX 2022 was held from May 24 to 27. This year was the first time COMPUTEX was held in a hybrid format and the physical event - COMPUTEX TAIPEI was attended by 400 exhibitors in over 1000 booths. At the same time, the online platform - COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD will be online until June 30, showcasing the events and highlights from the event for interested parties who could not join the event.

As the co-organizer of the event, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated that COMPUTEX 2022 focused on the trends of digital transformation and has successfully held a procurement platform for digital transformation and smart applications. The physical event of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2022 was joined by various industry leading companies including GIGABYTE, Delta Electronics, KIOXIA Taiwan, Innodisk, Jetway, Infineon, Voltronic Power, and more. COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2022 was also joined by 2 pavilions: the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) AI Pavilion and the Taiwan Smart Textiles Association (tsta) Pavilion.

The exhibitors showcased their innovations in 5G, AI, HPC, gaming & entertainment, metaverse, edge computing, automotive electronics, and other emerging technology; as well as smart applications for digital transformation, including: smart manufacturing, smart retail, smart factory, smart building, EV charging solutions, and more.

With the dual limitations of ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions, the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD platform was further expanded to include additional functions such as Technology Unboxing and Featured Products Launch where exhibitors including KIOXIA Taiwan, Delta Electronics, ASUS, ASRock, Adata, AU Optronics, Pegatron. and more debuted their latest products and technologies.

TCA also organized a 3-day on-site tour video to help online visitors learn about the highlights of this year’s COMPUTEX and to promote on-site exhibitors digitally. The videos are uploaded to the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD platform that interested parties can freely visit until June 30.

On-Site Demonstration of Innovative Products Leads into Product Procurement

TCA stated that COMPUTEX focused on the needs for global digital transformation. The event showcased various innovative products and solutions such as AI applications, HPC, gaming & entertainment, creator PCs, audio mixers, edge computing, XR hardware, etc. The exhibitors this time also featured their product applications in smart retail, smart factory, remote conference, home work, sports technology, smart city, metaverse, data center, AI computing server, autonomous mobile robot (AMR), EV, and more.

In Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 (TaiNEX 1), GIGABYTE exhibited various new computing products focusing on servers, 5G, edge computing, and liquid cooling solutions. Delta Electronics showcased various zero-carbon solutions in their Zero Carbon Community themed booth. KIOXIA Taiwan showcased their PCIe 5.0 SSD, EDSFF SSD, XL-FLASH server series, as well as debuting the professional EXCERIA PRO SD Card, EXCERIA G2 and EXCERIA PLUS G2 series NVMe SSD, and EXCERIA PLUS Portable SSD.

This year, Innodisk introduced the world’s first industrial grade PCIe Gen 4x4, the world’s first Ultra Temperature DDR4 DRAM module, which goes beyond the typical industrial-grade temperature range to support -40 to 125 °C, the world’s first the smallest 10GbE expansion: the M.2 2280-to-single 10GbE Base-T Ethernet module, and many more new products. With the theme of Smart IoT, Low-Carbon Future; Infineon exhibited a number of semiconductor solutions for IoT, energy efficiency, and mobility.

ATEN International exhibited their various product ranges for remote and hybrid working. Artilux demonstrated their application of CMOS with SWIR for optical communication, optical sensing, and optical imaging. WiBase, a subsidiary of Wistron showcased their WiZAVIU Smart Dashcam Solution. AUO joined with their subsidiary AUO Digitech debuted the Class100 cleaning robot in the IDB AI Pavilion.

As the demand for sports technology grows, the Taiwan Smart Textile Association (TSTA) gathered 6 of their members: Makalot, Texray, Asiatic Fiber, SUNSTAR, Zentan, and the Textile Industry Research Institute Foundation. The pavilion showcased their latest smart fabric and material solutions, including heat & electro therapy for pain relief, smart clothing with motion detection, AR integrated solutions for therapy and rehabilitation, and more.

Many exhibitors commented that in addition to the Taiwanese corporate buyers and professionals who are always present in COMPUTEX, they were also contacted by the Taiwanese branch companies from Europe, America, and Japan; as well as international trade offices representing various countries who specifically sent out representatives for inquiries and evaluation.

Digital transformation has also become a necessity for traditional industries and ICT is one of the main aspects of digital transformation. Some exhibitors also mentioned how they were visited by the IT departments of various major traditional industry manufacturers in Taiwan. Their chief concern was on adopting domain specific solutions and details on implementing the solutions.

ICT Giants Share Insights on the Latest Trends in COMPUTEX 2022 Forums

The hybrid format of COMPUTEX invited many ICT giants who leveraged it by holding their forums online while exhibiting in the showgrounds. In the CEO Keynote segment of the COMPUTEX Forum, AMD Chairman and CEO, Dr. Lisa Su announced the upcoming launch of the Ryzen 7000 series desktop processors with the new Zen 4 architecture. AMD executives also announced the newest addition to the Ryzen Mobile lineup - Mendocino, the SmartAccess Storage, while providing more details of the new AM5 platform. Corsair will also launch their first-ever laptop designed for gamers and streamers, exclusively with AMD Advantage.The President and CEO of NXP Semiconductors, Kurt Sievers introduced the S32M automotive test chip using TSMC’s 5nm architecture that will be installed into the FOXTRON EV Model C and announced that the 16 nm FinFET radar and vehicle network processor are now in mass production; as well as that NXP will cooperate with Compal in the 5G Small Cells. He further added that many big name companies are among NXP’s important ecosystem partners such as Delta Electronics, Wistron, Inventec, AzureWave, WNC, CUBTEK, and more.

Chief Strategy Officer and Senior Vice President of Micron, David Moore emphasized that Taiwan is an important global IC design & manufacturing hub. Micron now has the world’s most advanced DRAM production facilities and to help boost the growth of Taiwan’s startups, Micron will further invest USD 200 million to foster startups and help Taiwanese startups connect to the world. Micron’s CEO, Sanjay Mehrotra also added that in addition to the existing 1α DRAM technology, Micron will also introduce more advanced technologies in the future. Micron has also established a DRAM manufacturing center in Taiwan and introduced AI and smart manufacturing systems to further improve its efficiency.

Founder and CEO of Supermicro, Charles Liang introduced the latest servers and storage systems in the forum, discussing how AI and accelerated computing can improve fields such as medical care and scientific research, and other sectors. He also explained how the Building Block Solutions technology can help Supermicro accelerate the construction of the latest products and pointed out that the future metaverse and AI applications will further increase the demand for servers and GPUs.

Microsoft delivered a keynote on the New Era of the PC: A Conversation About Windows 11. The keynote emphasized that PCs play a more important role in the post-pandemic new normal of hybrid and remote work. They claimed Windows 11 is designed to meet the needs of the new normal with many new features and a design that emphasizes inclusivity. With the Windows 365 Cloud service and Pluton security chip, Windows 11 fits most of everyone’s needs in various environments and devices.

NVIDIA announced in their keynote speech that hardware manufacturers including GIGABYTE, ASUS, QCT, Supermicro, Wiwynn, Foxconn Industrial Internet, and more will release new systems equipped with their new NVIDIA Grace CPU and Grace Hopper GPU which will be launched to handle the workloads spanning from Digital Twin, AI, HPC, cloud graphics, gaming, and other functions. Systems powered by the NVIDIA Grace CPU will join the lineup of x86 and other Arm-based servers, providing users with various options to improve data center performance and efficiency.

COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD 2022 to Operate 24/7 Until June 30 to Further Expand Exhibitors’ Reach and Network

As travel might not be possible or convenient for many parties interested in participating in COMPUTEX, the event this year was held in a hybrid online/onsite format. While the physical event has been concluded on May 27, interested parties can participate in the online events and exhibition through the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD platform. Expanding the functions from last year, the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD 2022 has many new functions including new product launches, forum livestream, on-site tours, BC Award virtual pavilion, online exhibition, and more. The platform will remain online until June 30 and exhibitors are encouraged to leverage this function to further expand their network to find global business opportunities through the platform.

TCA stated that this year, companies including ADATA, ASRock, ASUS, AUO, Delta Electronics, G.SKILL, GIGABYTE, Ingrasys, KIOXIA Taiwan, MSI, Pegatron, Silicon Labs, and other major companies released their new products and published their press releases in the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD. The product debuts include KIOXIA EXCERIA, the latest ASUS Zenbook/ Vivobook series, ASRock’s X670E Taichi, X670E Taichi Carrara, Z690 PG Riptide NFT Edition, WRX80 Creator and other new motherboards, ADATA ELITE SE920 external SSD, AUO next-generation display, Pegatron 5G O-RAN E2E Private Network Solution, and more. Please visit the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD platform to learn more about these products.

During the event, TCA recorded a 3-day onsite tour video to help online visitors learn about the highlights of the onsite exhibitor and watch the featured products demonstration. The onsite tour video this time includes exhibitors such as: KIOXIA Taiwan, IDB AI Pavilion (including ADLINK, Techman, iAMBITION), Protech Systems, Jetway, GIGABYTE, K-Best, Innodisk, Artilux, BC Award Pavilion, TSTA Pavilion (including Textile Industry Research Institute Foundation, Makalot, Sunstar, AIQ SMART CLOTHING, Asiatic Fiber, Zentan, Voltronic Power, Jorjin, and other exhibitors.

Visit the COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD Platform and catch up with COMPUTEX 2022!