COMPUTEX Official Awards – BC Award 2023 to focus on Metaverse, AI, Vehicle Tech & Smart Cockpit, 5G, & Other Smart Applications

 Publish Date :2023/01/05

Asia’s leading B2B ICT Tradeshow, COMPUTEX will return from May 30 to June 2, 2023 in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall (TaiNEX). As the co-organizer, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated that the official award of COMPUTEX, Best Choice Award (BC Award) has been a reliable purchasing reference for international buyers and visitors. Observing the ever-changing trends in the ICT industry, BC Award 2023 will focus on a total of 15 categories, including: metaverse, vehicle technology & smart cockpit, AI, 5G, gaming & entertainment, smart applications, cybersecurity, and more.

Participation to BC Award 2023 is limited to exhibitors of COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2023 or COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD 2023 Level A and every participating company can register up to 5 products for free. Participants can register more products for an additional fee. The winners of BC Award will be featured in the dedicated BC Award pavilion during COMPUTEX 2023 and the winner of the Best Choice of the Year Award as well as the Golden Award winners will be honored during the opening ceremony.

The BC Award serves as the highlight of COMPUTEX, attracting global media attention and coverage while serving as a great purchasing reference for global buyers. It is also an important award that celebrates the participants’ innovations and technological developments. Registration for BC Award 2023 has started from December 5, 2022 and local and international exhibitors are welcome to sign up!

Metaverse, AI, Vehicle Technology & Smart Cockpit, 5G, Gaming & Entertainment, Smart Applications as the Mainstream

TCA stated that the continued miniaturization of semiconductor and its production that is driven by major technology companies such as NVIDIA, Intel, AMD, and more has exponentially improved the computing power of CPUs and GPUs. Advances in semiconductor has also facilitated more improvements in technologies such as the rapid advancements and evolution of AI (including ChatGPT, AI generated art, etc.), the increased network speed made possible by 5G deployment and fiber optic infrastructure, display technologies including Mini LED, Micro LED, etc.

When combined, these rapid technological improvements and advancements have enabled innovative solutions and other emerging applications such as Metaverse, vehicle technology & smart cockpit, AI, 5G, gaming & entertainment, and other smart applications. These smart applications have not only grown rapidly in recent years, they are also the new trends that are expected to be the highlight of COMPUTEX 2023.

According to IHS Markit, the global smart cockpit market is expected to be valued at USD 68.1 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 6% from 2021 to 2030. Currently, a majority of smart cockpits in circulation installs components made by Taiwan’s leading technology companies. To address this trend, the categories of BC Award 2023 will include Vehicle Technology & Smart Cockpit; which is expected to assist exhibitors and participants in showcasing their technologies and innovations in vehicle technologies and smart cockpit related solutions.

Onsite Exhibition Returns to Normal as Borders Open

As travel restrictions gradually ease and borders slowly open; international demand for innovative ICT products are expected to recover and grow. At the same time, the need for global recognition and increased market reach will be necessary for manufacturers aiming to expand their business. With COMPUTEX 2023 expected to host more exhibitors and visitors, the BC Award will be a great platform for manufacturers and exhibitors to increase visibility & exposure for their products and to improve their brand awareness.

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