The Official Award of COMPUTEX, Best Choice Award 2023 to Announce the First Winners Batch on May 23

 Publish Date :2023/05/16

As a co-organizer of COMPUTEX, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated that the Best Choice Award (BC Award) will announce the first batch of winners on May 23. As the official award of COMPUTEX, the Best Choice Award has continued to serve as a reliable purchasing guide for international buyers to showcase the best products from COMPUTEX.

Following the rise of the global ESG trends, the BC Award added the special ESG focused Sustainable Tech Special Award. The winners announced on May 23 will include the winners of the Category Awards, Golden Awards, and the Sustainable Tech Special Awards. The winner of the highest honor, the Best Choice of the Year award will be announced during the opening of COMPUTEX 2023 on May 30. The winning products will be showcased in the Best Choice Award Pavilion during COMPUTEX 2023 in the Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1, 4F Booth number L0307a from May 30 to June 2 to promote the winning products to local and international buyers.

AI, Gaming, Metaverse, Smart Applications, and ESG will become the Main Trend for ICT Products

TCA stated that from surveying the participating products; including the ones from NVIDIA, ASUS, Acer, MSI, ASRock, QCT, Compal, Realtek, ELAN Microelectronics, ADATA, AVerMedia, etc.; the latest ICT products seem to follow 4 major trends: AI, gaming, metaverse, and smart applications. In addition to the 4 major trends, the participating products are also expected to include ESG and all of the topics will be the mainstream of the ICT industry in this year.

For example, the AI trend has enabled ChatGPT (GPT-3.5) and GPT-4 not only encourages major companies to start increasing their investment in AI equipment. It also encourages manufacturers to launch products in this industry; including AI servers, AI chips, Edge AI devices, etc.

The growing trends of gaming and metaverse show that manufacturers can provide more than just highly efficient 3D rendering, but also high degrees of customization for gamers to enhance their user experience. As the demand for better XR increases to support more metaverse applications and projects, manufacturers now aim to launch more XR hardware and then proceed to metaverse applications.

The development trends of smart AI-enabled applications currently focus on smart applications in professional industries, including smart medical, smart industry, smart cars, and more.

With the growing need for ESG focused products and solutions, the Best Choice Award 2023 has added the Sustainable Tech Special Award for the first time. Many manufacturers today have started utilizing recycled materials, including environmentally friendly recycled packaging, low carbon products with recyclable designs, and more features to add green and sustainable features to reduce carbon emissions.

TCA also found that while manufacturers focused more on software-based cybersecurity solutions; this year has seen more varieties of hardware-software integrated cybersecurity products. In addition to using IC chips to enhance biometric recognition and hardware accelerated AI processing, new cybersecurity solutions have included innovative features including real-time network packet recording & monitoring, abnormal behavior detection, video AI analysis, cross-referencing, etc. The new features aim to improve the efficiency of the cybersecurity solutions in various use cases and settings while reducing the workload of cybersecurity officers and actively generate on-demand analysis report that meet the modern business cybersecurity requirements and specifications.

Global Economy Reopening Will Revitalize International Trade Shows

TCA stated that countries around the world have fully lifted travel restrictions and the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced the end of the pandemic on May 5. This global reopening is expected to revitalize international trade shows and global business network connections. Driven by the twin trend of AI and digital economy, the international demand for ICT equipment has gradually increased and the demand for promotion through international exhibitions continue to grow; which makes the Best Choice Award even more important. Manufacturers can further promote their products and boost their visibility in the international market through the Best Choice Award and expand to the global market.


COMPUTEX TAIPEI (or COMPUTEX) started in 1981 by the then-chairman of Taipei Computer Association (TCA), Mr. Stan Shih. In 1985, TCA invited Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) to be a co-organizer of the event. As Asia’s leading B2B ICT tradeshow, COMPUTEX showcases innovations from global leaders of the ICT industry and is now one of the most important events for new product launch events.

Since 2016, TCA expanded COMPUTEX to include InnoVEX, a startup focused event to run concurrently with COMPUTEX to connect startups with leading ICT companies from around the world. InnoVEX is where startups can match with global VCs, CVCs, manufacturing partners, buyers, and media in one hybrid platform.

COMPUTEX 2023 will focus on metaverse, vehicle tech, gaming & entertainment, HPC and ChatGPT, 5G, AIoT, ESG, and semiconductors. For more details, please visit the official COMPUTEX website at

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