ASVDA Explores Smart Mobility & EV Opportunities in Japan’s Society 5.0

 Publish Date :2023/12/18

To further promote and explore international business opportunities from Taiwan’s innovative EV applications, the Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA) led a delegation of 20 Taiwanese companies to join EdgeTech+ 2023, Japan’s largest embedded technology trade show. The participating companies; including Pegatron, AU Optronics, LITEON Technology, MSI, Acer Synergy Tech, Kneron, and other leading manufacturers; joined the Taiwan Pavilion to showcase the smart EV solutions from Taiwanese manufacturers.

ASVDA also organized the Taiwan EV Day forum during EdgeTech+ 2023 with speakers from Pegatron, AU Optronics, Kneron, as well as Japan’s J. F. Oberlin University who shared insights on Taiwan’s innovative EV technologies and supply chain advantages. ASVDA also organized company visitations to a number of Japanese car manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, and automotive electronic industries. Many participating manufacturers shared that the event had been a great opportunity for expanding their network as they successfully established business networks for future projects and ventures.

Welcoming Japan’s Society 5.0 Era, Taiwan Innovation Pavilion Leverages Major Opportunities from Japan’s Electronics / EV Markets

ASVDA pointed out that many countries, including Japan are facing a super-aged society; governments and manufacturers need to introduce technologies such as AI, IoT, 5G/ 6G, robotics, and cloud computing in their operations to improve operational problems as societies age and birthrates decline. Facing these challenges, introducing the Super Smart Society (Society 5.0) is expected to bring considerable business opportunities to Taiwan’s ICT, EV, as well as other relevant industries.

To promote Taiwan’s innovative EV applications and leverage business opportunities from Japan’s EV industries, ASVDA led 20 leading Taiwanese manufacturers to EdgeTech+ 2023, including: PEGATRON, AUO Japan, LITEON, MSI, Acer AST, Kneron, Chimei Automotive, SENTEC GROUP, ATBS, Syntronix, DeepMentor, Wanshih Electronic, Mililab, eYs3D, Chant Sincere, KopherBit, Macroblock, Teletrx, Ubestream, VM-Fi, and more.

The Taiwan Pavilion in EdgeTech+ 2023 focused on smart electric vehicles and showcased various innovations in automotive electronics, including ADAS, ceramic substrates, automotive precision control valves, automotive controllers, mmWave radars, automotive chips, automotive ethernet, machine vision, car light driver chips, natural voice controller, and other solutions. The pavilion helped demonstrate Taiwan’s EV innovations as it attracted various Japanese automakers, as well as Tier 1/ Tier 2 suppliers, and automotive supply chain players who visited and networked with the participants.

Software Defined Vehicle Trends Grow and Taiwan EV Day Forum was a Great Success

ASVDA stated that in the era of smart EVs, Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) is an important trend. This year’s EdgeTech+ 2023 dedicated a new area for Automotive Software Expo that was joined by many major automotive electronics manufacturers and international companies exploring the SDV trend including: Astemo, AWS, Bosch, DENSO, Eclips Foundation, Fujitsu, Honda, Mazda, Microsoft, Nissan, PTC, SUBARU, Tesla, TOYOTA, and more.

On November 16, ASVDA held the Taiwan EV Day forum and invited industry speakers: Professor Shuhei Yamada from Japan’s J. F. Oberlin University, Dr. Kenyuan Lin from Pegatron, Director Takashi Miyayama from AUO Corporation Japan, and Mr. Albert Liu, the founder of Kneron to share their insights on EV trends such as EV systems, smart cockpits, and AI chips. The event was a great success and the participant number was far higher than expected, including representatives of various Japanese automakers, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, and Japanese semiconductor chip manufacturers. In addition, the forum also gained the attention and coverage of various Japanese media.

Director Sakura Yang of Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated in the opening speech that the Asia Silicon Valley Development Association (ASVDA) has continued to promote international cooperation between Taiwan and Japan since its establishment. To address the growing global trend of net-zero goals and policies, car manufacturers have accelerated their EV R&D efforts and the automotive industry has also undergone significant changes. Taiwan has a vital role in the global EV supply chain. Taiwan and Japan have a strong foundation of mutual trust and on this basis, both parties can look forward to more mutually beneficial cooperation.

In his speech, Professor Shuhei Yamada shared his observation on the technological capabilities and roles of Taiwan’s ICT and semiconductor industries in EVs and automotive electronics. He also stated that Taiwan’s ICT industry has a comprehensive expertise in PC and smartphone manufacturing. It has now improved to be able to compete in the automotive industry.

From the perspective of global EV development trends, Dr. Kenyuan Lin from Pegatron stated that the global EV market will reach USD 2 trillion by 2040. This value will exceed the combined value of the wafer foundry, PC, and smartphone industries. The electric vehicle industry is expected to be the next trillion-dollar opportunity for Taiwan’s ICT industry. Under the CASE trend, smart cockpits will be the key to success for every manufacturer and Taiwan’s ICT supply chain is the best partner for automotive intelligence. Dr. Lin pointed out that Taiwan has played an essential role in Tesla’s EV development. Having accomplished such an achievement, Taiwan’s ICT supply chain is the best partner for Japanese automakers aiming to develop their smart EVs.

Director Takashi Miyayama of AUO Corporation Japan analyzed the future development of smart cars from the perspective of smart cockpit technology. LCD panels have become the mainstream for EV dashboards and AUO can provide more customized automotive screens.

Mr. Miyayama also introduced AUO’s AmLED (Adaptive mini LED) display technology which can provide customized and exclusive panel designs according to different automotive cockpit design needs. It offers high resolution, high brightness, high color gamut, and high dynamic contrast. Car makers can integrate instrument panels and HMI center console to provide drivers and passengers with high quality visual entertainment. AUO can also provide functions such as eye tracking, face recognition, object detection, and motion detection through built-in cameras and IR sensors to meet the ADAS monitoring requirements for safe driving in the cockpit.

Mr. Albert Liu, the founder of Kneron introduced the smart applications of edge AI chips in his speech titled Scaling GPT: The Future is on the Edge. Using assisted driving function as an example, Kneron can combine their edge AI chip with a car’s camera or microphone to provide various functions including external object detection and warning, voice control, driver face recognition, driver behavior monitoring, and other functions in a low-power automotive environment. All of these functions can also be integrated through CAN bus.

Mr. Liu also shared how Kneron’s Transformer neural network architecture is imported into their edge AI chip. This will support edge AI applications to directly import lightweight GPT model computing capabilities so users will not need to use expensive, high computing, & energy consuming AI chips in cars.

Strengthening Taiwan-Japan Industry Cooperation by Visiting Japanese Automakers & Car Electronics Manufacturers

To strengthen the industry links between Taiwan and Japan’s automotive industry, ASVDA also led the participating companies to visit various Japanese car manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, and automotive electronic manufacturers; including SUBARU, SUZUKI, Mitsubishi Electric, MONET Technologies, and more. The company visitation aims to promote industry cooperation and partnerships between the ICT and automotive industries in EV, smart mobility, as well as Mobility as a Service (MaaS) fields. Many participating manufacturers said that they gained a lot through the visitations and they found new contacts in their target companies for future projects.

ASVDA explained that one of visited companies, MONET Technologies is a cross-enterprise joint venture that provides MaaS solutions. MONET Technologies started as a joint venture between Toyota Motor Corporation and SoftBank in 2018. In 2019, MONET Technologies entered capital and business partnerships with Hino Motors, Honda Motor, Isuzu Motors, Suzuki Motor, Subaru Corporation, Daihatsu Motor, and Mazda Motor Corporation.


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