BenQ Implemented Zero Waste and Won the Gold Award of COMPUTEX 2024 Sustainable Design Award

 Publish Date :2024/06/26

One of the organizers of Asia’s leading B2B ICT tradeshow - COMPUTEX, Taipei Computer Association (TCA) stated that as a response to the growing global ESG trends, COMPUTEX established the Sustainable Design Award. The award aimed to encourage companies to unleash their creativity and integrate the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) concepts into their booth design and activities to create a low-carbon, low-pollution, and low-energy exhibition environment together. After a series of pitches and onsite inspection by the judges, the winners of the Sustainable Design Award were announced on June 6. The winners are: BenQ - Gold Award, Acer and ASUS - Silver Awards, and Transcend and Wiwynn - Special Awards.

The chief judge of the award stated that the companies with larger booths had a more comprehensive sustainability integration in their booths. The Gold and Silver Award winning companies: BenQ, Acer, and ASUS have shown success in their sustainability improvement. The Judges Special Award winners also integrated innovative designs and practices in their booths. For example, Wiwynn used honeycomb cardboard and environmentally friendly prints in their booths to achieve their goal of zero carpentry during the event. Another Judges Special Award winner, Transcend utilized large truss structures in their booth design that was made of 80% recyclable materials. Both companies showcased their unique approaches to sustainability and deserved to win their awards.

BenQ Implemented ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems and won the COMPUTEX 2024 Sustainable Design Gold Award

The award organizer said that the global trend of ESG in exhibitions have encouraged exhibitors to integrate sustainability focused concepts into their event presence. This includes their booth design & themes, material usage, promotion & marketing formats & media, and more to showcase how truly important sustainability has become.

The chief judge stated that BenQ implemented the ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management Systems. Their planning process involved communication with the stakeholders to achieve their sustainability goals. Their booth utilized paint-free wooden boards that can be reused as school art supplies and utilized locally sourced materials while providing green accommodations and better flight itinerary for their international stakeholders. With such a comprehensive concept and execution, the judges agreed that BenQ deserved to win the COMPUTEX 2024 Sustainable Design Gold Award.

Acer Combined 3R and Circular Economy Concepts and used AI to Connect the Designs, Winning the Silver Award

TCA stated that Acer successfully implemented the concepts of 3R and circular economy in their exhibition booth. The overall booth design theme integrated AI and used situational expression to guide the audience to participate, interact, and experience their innovations. Their booth used about 80% sustainable or recyclable materials with second lifecycle considerations for the display section of the exhibition which was specifically connected to the company’s warehousing and regional display system. Their ingenuity in ESG and sustainability integration was an inspiration and was the reason they won the Silver Award.

ASUS Won the Sustainable Design Silver Award with Its Circular Economy and Sustainable Mindset

TCA stated that ASUS adopted the circular economy concept and sustainable mindset in their booth, using 90% environmentally friendly materials. By reusing and using cleverly designed lamps that reduced electricity usage by 30% as well as implementing and reusing modular large display systems to achieve circular designs; ASUS won the Sustainable Design Silver Award.

Transcend and Wiwynn won the Sustainable Design Judges Special Award for Using Environmentally Friendly Materials and Reduced Material Use in their Booth

The judges stated that the design of the Transcend exhibition booth adopted large truss structures to improve the openness and also to free up more space. It uses environmentally friendly materials and aluminum frames to reduce the usage of wood and 80% of the booth used recyclable materials. In addition, the lighting design and systems used in the booth reduced electricity usage by 20%. By combining these steps with their 3 corporate colors of red, grey, and white to display their company’s brand image; Transcend won the Sustainable Design Judges Special Award.

Wiwynn also had a unique approach to their sustainability by utilizing honeycomb cardboard designs and environmentally friendly printed materials in their booth to achieve the goal of zero carpentry in the exhibition hall. Wiwynn also won the Sustainable Design Judges Special Award.

COMPUTEX 2025 Invites More Companies to Join the Next Sustainable Design Award

The chief judge of the Sustainable Design Award shared that the winners of the COMPUTEX 2024 show how large corporations have generally understood the concept and practice of sustainable design. In addition to continuing to further improving the event next year, the award also encourages large corporations to share their ideas, experiences, and expertise in sustainable designs and practices with SMEs. The organizers look forward to seeing participation by more companies in the coming years as well as how exhibitors can create sustainable designs with their own unique characteristics.

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