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eHealth Apparel

Makalot eHealth Apparel is designed and developed by the national team represented Taiwan. From material selection, appearance design to production, all made in Taiwan, the products redefine the future of human clothing, and the core design The concept is based on soft fabrics, combined with electronic soft and hardware solutions, combined with networking solutions, and further provide platform services, so that health management smart clothing can be seamlessly integrated into the users daily life. Compared with other smart wearable devices, clothing is the carrier, and it allows users to accept wearable health management devices more naturally than wristbands, watches or chest straps. In order to satisfy the human body’s use of 24 hours a day, the continuous use time of the sensor Up to 30 hours, allowing the measurement to be uninterrupted from life to rest. Smart clothing can measure the individual's heartbeat and breathing every minute and second, and record the user's emotional u

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