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EDIMAX EdiGreen AirBox : Total Air Quality Monitoring Solution

EDIMAX air quality complex is a sensor-to-the-cloud IoT solution that focuses on providing government entities, communities and commercial organizations, with various types of fee-based real-time indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring. By combining an array of air quality technologies such as the EdiGreen Sensor, EdiGreen Cloud and Big Data Integration, EDIMAX is truly the world’s leading air quality solution provider.

• Smart air-quality detection system that provides quick and consistent environmental sensing data to help the community to understand the surrounding air quality.
• Secure, adaptive and customizable modular cloud architecture designed to be compatible with various IoT applications that offers future expansions to trending cloud services.
• Collected air quality data can be visualized on maps, charts, and graphs. The big data can be analyzed and used by research institutions and communities


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