Product Info

Innergie: One For All Adapter

Innergie C6 Duo
63W USB-C Power Adapter
1. Dual USB-C ports with dynamic power allocation
2. Reversible fast charge USB-C ports, no more fumbling over ports
3. 6-modes PD fast charge, customize your charge for different device

Innergie 60C Pro
60W USB-C Power Adapter
1. Compact yet powerful - minimal size 55cc
2. One adapter for all your gadgets - 60W USB PD fast charge
3. Pack light while travel - 3 travel plugs included
4. Save utility and save the planet - 92% energy efficiency

Innergie 45H
45W USB-C Power Adapter
1. Duo ports for most USB-C & USB-A devices
2. USB PD technology with five voltages of fast charge
3. Dynamic power allocation - shift power between solo and dual ports charging scenarios
4.Patented dual-way installation - fit in the limited space or change port position for easy access

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