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Fresh Air System

Delta Fresh Air System, including the Energy Recovery Ventilator, intakes the outdoor fresh air, filters and purifies the air efficiently before delivering air into the indoor space. Besides that, the system can exhaust the indoor stale air to the outdoor environment at the same time, achieving the whole house ventilation. Users can obtain high-quality fresh air, even when the whole room is enclosed and airtight.

Delta Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Solution is based on our world-leading DC brushless motor and switching power supply core technology. Compared with other AC motor models, our exclusive DC motor products not only save more energy (less electricity payment) but also combine the ‘energy recovery core’ to help reduce the energy consumption of the operating HVAC system.

Our fresh air IAQ product line includes ‘ceiling mount PM2.5 energy recovery ventilator’, ‘wall mount PM2.5 energy recovery ventilator’, and ‘fresh air machine.’

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