Product Info

DDR5- ELITE DDR5 Memory Module

-DDR5-4800 16GB
-Number of banks double that of DDR4
-Reduced power consumption running at 1.1V
-Supports on-die ECC

TEAMGROUP will launch its first DDR5 DRAM product under its internationally top-selling ELITE memory product line. It will be a 16GB module running at 4,800MHz. To increase the memory access performance of the improved architecture, the number of bank groups is doubled that of DDR4. The operating voltage is lowered from 1.2 V to 1.1 V, and data transfer rates have risen from 4,800 Mbps to 5,200 Mbps. That is a 10% reduction in power consumption is down and an increase of 60% in transfer rate. Furthermore, today's DDR4 memory requires an additional chip if ECC error correction is needed, but the new DDR5 memory comes with on-die ECC to automatically repair itself and significantly improve system stability. TEAMGROUP’s exciting new generation of products is expected to be officially unveiled in September.

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