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Vivitek Display and Monitoring Solutions

Vivitek, a brand of Delta, is a leading product and system solution provider of visual display, smart education, and business solutions. Vivitek has a number of unique technologies in projection and mapping, including LED projectors, single-chip DLP projectors, high-lumen and high-contrast professional laser projectors, ultra short-throw projectors, 3D interactive projectors, and high-brightness pico projectors. The company’s comprehensive product lineup covers a wide range of market needs. Vivitek is one of the few brands in the world that fully owns DLP technology and provides pico to high-end projectors with over 20,000 lumens.

-Vivitek DU6199Z: A lightweight projector with high brightness for large venues
-Vivitek DU8395Z: Super brightness laser projector with built-in edge-blending
-NovoConnect X700/X900: 4K video conference system solutions
-NovoDisplay DK551P: 55-inch smart meeting room display solution

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