Product Info

XPG DDR5 Gaming Memory Module

•The world's first new-generation DDR5 memory module with RGB light effects.
•The world's first new-generation DDR5 overclocking memory module.
•New-generation DDR5 memory modules will achieve speeds of over 7000MT/s, which is 118% faster than DDR4.
•Different from previous generation DDR4 memory modules, DDR5 memory modules have a power management chip directly built into the module to provide a more stable power supply for high-speed operations.
•DDR5 memory modules have a built-in error correction correcting code technology, which ensures the accuracy of data during high-speed operations.
•Improved performance for gaming PCs, allowing gamers to enjoy seamless gameplay and smoother visuals.
•Enhances creator productivity to perform video and audio editing with greater efficiency.

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