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DOGBOX Apple Watch 40mm 44mm

DOGBOX Apple Watch case
Exclusively invented the sound source to turn the patent to give you the clearest sound

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Apple Watch Silicone Case
Stereoscopic sound source is clear
Variety of colors, all-match
Easy to assemble and disassemble
Skin-friendly silicone, soft and comfortable

The sound source turns to the invention patent, the sound is clear and unobstructed
The sound is converted from the traditional level to 90 degrees and played vertically upwards. The sound is three-dimensional and clear no matter when and where, and the side sound source holes are less, the covering is higher and the protection is more divided.

The high-quality Silicone protective case perfectly covers the watch without hurting the watch
It is made of skin-friendly silicone material with a delicate touch. It can be worn for a long time to keep away from allergies. It is light, soft and does not damage the watch.


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