Product Info

AREC LS-US2 Media Station

1. AREC LS-US2 Media Station has a perfect integration interface and powerful digital video and audio processing ability. With lightweight design, LS-US2 can be quickly integrated with the digital whiteboard installed in the classroom. Through LS-US2, the digital whiteboard hardware doesn’t need to be updated, and the teacher can start the live-streaming and video-recording work just with one-button.

2. With the graphical APP software compatible with the digital whiteboard, users can easily start or stop the video recording/ live streaming and change the video layout via digital whiteboard. Users can select the video layout they want before recording, and they also can change it directly during the lecture.

3. With lightweight design, AREC LS-US2 supports 2 Full HD 1080p video sources and multiple audio sources capturing, mixing, switching, recording and live streaming.

4. LS-US2 is an AV-over-IP, lightweight, all-in-one device, providing high stability and high quality audio/

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